Google, Meta, TikTok Russian Debts Removed From Bailiff Database – Report

Debts allegedly 'owed' by Google, Meta and TikTok to the Russian government have been removed from state bailiff database

6 months ago

Google Agrees To Pay Canadian News Publishers

Agreement with Canadian government will see Google pay local news publishers $73 million a year. Meta dispute however, continues

7 months ago

Tencent ‘Facing Record Fine’ Over Payment Violations

China tech giant Tencent Group facing record fine from central bank over violations of money laundering rules as fintech crackdown…

2 years ago

Visa, Mastercard Block Russian Financial Institutions

Financial pressure on Moscow continues, with the news that Visa and Mastercard have blocked multiple Russian financial institutions

2 years ago

Apple Fined For Fifth Time Over App Store Fees In Netherlands

Another $5.7 million fine for Apple in the Netherlands, after it continues to ignore watchdog ruling on alternative payment methods…

2 years ago

Three quarters Of Ransomware Payments Go To Russian Hackers

Roughly 74 percent of all ransomware revenue in 2021 was sent to Russian-linked cyber-criminals, Chainalysis research has discovered

2 years ago

Apple Seeks Pause On Epic Games Antitrust Ruling

As appeal against ruling on Epic Games lawsuit begins, Apple asks US judge to put on hold orders to change…

3 years ago

JBS Paid $11 Million To REvil Ransomware Criminals

Not again. Brazilian beef supplier JBS confirms reports that it paid $11 million ransom to Russian Revil criminal hackers

3 years ago

Huawei To Receive $2.5 For Each Smartphone Using Its 5G Tech

Chinese networking firm Huawei for the first time ever announces its royalty rates for manufacturers using its 5G technology

3 years ago

Coronavirus: Contactless Payment Threshold To Rise From £30 to £45

The £30 limit for paying for groceries with tap-and-go contactless payment will be raised in the UK to £45 from…

4 years ago

Texas Confirms No Payment Over Ransomware Attack

Just say no. None of municipalities crippled by ransomware attack have paid the hackers, Texas confirms

5 years ago

Imagination Technologies For Sale After Apple Payment Dispute

Bad Apple? British chip maker puts up the 'for sale' sign after Apple cancels its chip royalty payments

7 years ago

Bank Of England To Rewrite Core Payment Tech By 2020

The update to the 20-year-old bank-to-bank settlement service is to take into account new technologies such as blockchain ledgers

8 years ago

Visa: Most People Back Biometric Payments

Majority of people want to use biometrics when making payments, with fingerprints the favoured option

8 years ago

The Rise Of The Ticketing Bots

Paco Garcia, CTO, Yoti, explains exactly what ticketing bots are and how they're affecting the industry

8 years ago

How Companies Can Protect Their Legacies

Matthew Bryars, CEO from Aeriandi, discusses how sensitive information from ‘legacy’ call recordings can be properly safeguarded

9 years ago

Contactless Payments Arrive On London Buses

Good news for London commuters after contactless payment systems arrive on buses

12 years ago

Anonymous Loots $1m From Clients’ Credit Cards In Stratfor Hack

Stratfor's hacking embarrassment continues as its Website stays offline and Anonymous turns the screw

12 years ago

PayPal Sues Google Over Wallet Trade Secrets

Google executives are being sued by PayPal for using trade secrets to build the new Google Wallet service

13 years ago

PCI-DSS 2.0 Emphasises Transaction Log Management

The PCI Security Standards Council has updated the PCI DSS and PA-DSS with clarifications to help businesses improve compliance and…

14 years ago