patch tuesday

Microsoft Combines Windows 10 Update To Ease Installation

Redmond for the first time is trying a different process with its Patch Tueday monthly updates, to make the updating…

11 months ago

Microsoft Kills Glitchy Security Update Due To Reboot Problems

Update aimed to fix security issue with UEFI boot managers, but some users said they were left unable to reboot…

2 years ago

Major Flaw In Microsoft Windows Revealed By NSA

Microsoft pushes out critical security fix, after tip off from the US National Security Agency about serious flaw in all…

2 years ago

Patch Tuesday Fixes Zero-Day Flaw, As Windows 7 Cut Off Looms

Only one more Patch Tuesday update for Windows 7 users in January 2020, as Microsoft delivers its final security update…

2 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 59 Flaws

Nine critical flaws patched, and the good news is there no-zero-day flaws requiring system admin attention

2 years ago

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For IE

Emergency patch for Internet Explorer to stop attackers hijacking the web browser

2 years ago

Microsoft Issues Critical Update For Windows XP

Bad sign? Five years after support for XP ended, Microsoft issues patch for Windows XP and Windows 2003

3 years ago

Patch Tuesday Tackles Two Flaws Under Active Attack

Security updates tackles 67 vulnerabilities in total, including two zero-days being actively attacked

4 years ago

Researcher: Microsoft Patch For ‘Important’ Outlook Bug Is Incomplete

Microsoft has fixed a more than year-old flaw, but its patch doesn't stop all attacks from getting through

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Meltdown, Spectre Fixes Could Impact AV Systems

January's Patch Tuesday carries warnings for Meltdown & Spectre

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft’s Last Security Update Of 2017 Targets Browsers

Web browser vulnerabilities receive the most attention from Microsoft in its pre Christmas update

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft’s 53 Vulnerabilities Surpassed By Adobe Fixes

No zero-day vulnerabilities this month, but still a moderate number of patches from Microsoft

4 years ago

NHS Lanarkshire Blames Missing Patch For WannaCry Impact

Oops. Health board in Scotland admits WannaCry ransomware attack was down to vital patch not being rolled out

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Fixes Exploit Found In Wild

No rest for system admins as Patch Tuesday tackles 62 vulnerabilities; 28 of which are rated as critical

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Tackles 82 Security Flaws, Including One Zero-Day

Large number of patches from Microsoft this month, as Adobe warns of five critical issues

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Tackles 48 Flaws, But Adobe Acrobat Dominates

Largish patch update from Microsoft, but administrators advised to tackle Adobe updates ASAP

4 years ago

July’s Patch Tuesday Fixes 19 Critical Flaws

Normal size security update for July as Microsoft delivers first fix for its HoloLen product

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday Includes Fixes For Ancient Windows XP And To Tackle WannaCry

Unprecedented move as update includes patches for 'unsupported' Windows XP and Vista

5 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Lands Hours After Emergency Patch

Redmond continues with new update format as May's edition tackles 57 vulnerability fixes

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday Update Leaves Windows Vista Users High And Dry

Windows Vista is now officially dead, as Microsoft leaves users of the old operating system with no clear upgrade path

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Delayed Update Arrives As Microsoft Signals End Of Windows Vista

Welcome back. Delayed Patch Tuesday arrives for March and it is a whooper, with 139 vulnerability fixes

5 years ago

February Patch Tuesday Is Delayed To Fix ‘Last Minute Issue’

The brand new Patch Tuesday will have to wait a bit longer for its debut because of a botched update

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft To Stop Publishing Security Bulletins

Patch Tuesday is changing: From February, Microsoft will communicate security updates via a dynamic online portal rather than a static…

5 years ago

Light Microsoft Patch Tuesday Update For January

Small beer for system admins this month with only four bulletins to worry about, two of which are critical

5 years ago

Microsoft Ends 2016 With Patch Tuesday Windows 10 Fix

Internet connection issues for Windows 10 users resolved in last Patch Tuesday update of 2016

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday November 2016: Microsoft Fixes Flaw Controversially Outed By Google

No surprises here. Patch Tuesday arrives to fix vulnerability that is being exploited by Russian hackers

5 years ago

What New Update Process For Windows 7 And 8.1 Means for Enterprises

ANALYSIS: Beginning this week, all updates will be roll-ups, with complete cumulative updates to begin in 2017, eliminating the ability…

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Tackles Multiple Zero-Day Flaws

Internet Explorer among usual suspects to get updates, that includes a fix for AdGholas malvertising campaign

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Desktop Focus As Microsoft Tackles Office And Edge Flaws

Patch Tuesday: Admin tasks return to usual following recent Black Hat security conference, with patches for Office and browser flaws

5 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Routine For Microsoft, Adobe Is More Pressing

Routine fixes for Office and web browsers, but no flaws are being actively exploited in the wild

6 years ago