HPE Wins NSA Cloud Contract Worth $2bn

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wins $2 billion cloud services contract with America's top secret intelligence agency, the NSA

3 months ago

NSA Awards $10bn Contract To AWS, But Microsoft Files Complaint

Revenge for the JEDI? Microsoft files an official complaint with government regulator, after NSA awards $10 billion contract to AWS

4 months ago

UK NCSC, US Agencies, Warn Of Russian Cyber Campaign

America's NSA, CISA, FBI, alongside the United Kingdom's NCSC have warned about an ongoing brute force campaign by Russia's GRU…

5 months ago

NSA Denies Spying Allegation Made By Tucker Carlson

US intelligence agency denies surprising allegation by right wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson that NSA is spying on him…

5 months ago

Amazon Hires Former NSA Director In Charge During Snowden Revelations

Amazon names former NSA director to board of directors, who was also the man in charge when Edward Snowden blew…

1 year ago

NSA Surveillance Program Exposed By Edward Snowden, Ruled Unlawful

Spying setback. US Court of Appeals rules the NSA surveillance and mass data collection program exposed by Edward Snowden, was…

1 year ago

NSA Issues Alert For Critical Infrastructure Operators

Operators of critical infrastructure are being warned to harden their networks against cyber threats to their operational technology (OT)

1 year ago

Police ‘Crack’ EncroChat Encryption, Resulting In Hundreds Of Arrests

Organised crime around Europe has been dealt a huge blow after authorities cracked the encryption of a messaging system used…

1 year ago

Major Flaw In Microsoft Windows Revealed By NSA

Microsoft pushes out critical security fix, after tip off from the US National Security Agency about serious flaw in all…

2 years ago

Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Flaw With VPN Products

Both the US NSA and UK NCSC warn hackers are actively exploiting vulnerabilities in VPN products

2 years ago

US Government Sues Edward Snowden Over Book

Former NSA whistleblower and resident of Moscow Edward Snowden is sued by US authorities

2 years ago

Bluekeep: NSA Warns Windows Users To Update And Upgrade

Cyber attack risk if you don't patch or upgrade to newer operating systems, warns American spy agency

2 years ago

Iran: New Cyber-Attacks Target Telecoms, Nuclear Infrastructure

Meanwhile, former US intelligence officials claim Iran and China killed dozens of spies following a 'catastrophic' cyber-communications lapse

3 years ago

NSA Call Record Collection More Than Triples

The surveillance agency obtained 534 million call and text records last year

4 years ago

US Intelligence Bosses Warn Against Huawei Smartphones

Directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA urge consumers not to purchase Huawei smartphones or ZTE kit

4 years ago

US Senate Renews NSA Web Surveillance Program

'Carry on spying', US lawmakers say after the senate renews NSA warrantless internet surveillance program

4 years ago

Edward Snowden Develops App For Monitoring Physical Security

The Android-based app monitors the physical environment around it and sends end-to-end encrypted updates via Signal mobile software

4 years ago

Former NSA Employee Pleads Guilty To Taking Top Secret Data Home

ANALYSIS: Yet another former NSA employee has taken secret information home, allegedly enabling Russian hackers to gain access to data.

4 years ago

Classified US Army Data Found Unprotected On AWS Server

Top secret army data found online after virtual image of hard disk was left on an AWS server

4 years ago

Kaspersky Investigation ‘Proves’ Its Products Were Not Used In NSA Hack

Kaspersky publishes investigation findings that it says show its products were not used to stage assault which saw NSA code…

4 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Obtained NSA Code From PC Also Infected With Backdoor

Kaspersky's security software had stumbled across NSA code in 2014, but the PC in question was also infected with a…

4 years ago

Microsoft ‘Did Not Disclose 2013 Breach Of Bug Database’

In the incident, which Microsoft described at the time as limited, hackers reportedly accessed the company's internal database of unfixed…

4 years ago

Russian Hackers ‘Used Antivirus Software’ To Steal NSA Data

Kaspersky rejects claims it was directly involved and asks why didn't the NSA report the alleged flaw

4 years ago

US Politicians Seek To Limit Internet Surveillance Of US Citizens

Bad news for American spooks? US politicians seek to overhaul rules governing warrant-less internet surveillance

4 years ago

Leaked Document Reveals Mystery Tech Firm Challenged NSA Surveillance

This is the first time that a refusal to comply with a government surveillance directive has been made public

4 years ago

WikiLeaks Reveals CherryBlossom CIA Router Snooping Hacking Tools

CherryBlossom can monitor Internet traffic and inject malicious code into targeted routers

4 years ago

Russian Voter System Tampering The Result Of Typical Weak Security

The compromise of a highly classified report by an NSA contractor is serious enough, but the poor security measures were…

4 years ago

Infosec 2017: ShadowBrokers Means Business Following NSA Leaks

The group has big plans for its stolen NSA data

4 years ago

ShadowBrokers Hacker Group To Publish More NSA Code

New batch of stolen code to be auctioned by hacker group, despite earlier pledge to shut down operation

5 years ago