Meta Considers Facebook News Ban In Australia

Meta says it may ban news content from Facebook in Australia if forced to pay licensing fees under 2021 law

2 weeks ago

Google Begins Removal Of California News Ahead Of Proposed Law

Consequences of Assembly Bill 886. Google begins removing California news websites from some search results

3 months ago

Google Fined 250 Million Euros By French Competition Watchdog

Another stiff fine against Google from French officials – this time 250 million euros for breaching IP rules to train…

4 months ago

OpenAI Signs Axel Springer Deal To Offer News In ChatGPT

OpenAI and German news publisher team up, so ChatGPT can deliver news summaries utilising Axel Springer content

7 months ago

Google Agrees To Pay Canadian News Publishers

Agreement with Canadian government will see Google pay local news publishers $73 million a year. Meta dispute however, continues

8 months ago

Twitter (X) Strips Headlines From News Links

Elon Musk removes headlines from news links, as the Anti-Defamation League welcomed X's stated intent to address antisemitism

10 months ago

Facebook Drops News Projects In EU, UK

Facebook parent Meta criticised as 'cynical' after dropping News tab in UK, France, Germany and ending UK community news project

10 months ago

Canada Seeks To Address Facebook, Google Concern Over Online News Law

Canadian government outlines proposed regulations for Online News Act, which it says will address Alphabet and Meta concerns. Facebook not…

11 months ago

Elon Musk To Axe Headlines From News Links On Twitter

Publisher impact, as Elon Musk personally orders removal of headlines in news link articles found on Twitter/X

11 months ago

Canadian PM Trudeau Slams Facebook Amid Wildfire Crisis

Canada’s government continues to turn up the heat against Meta, with Prime Minister Trudeau calling news ban 'inconceivable'

11 months ago

Meta Begins News Closure In Canada Over Publisher Payment Law

After repeated warnings, Meta begins process to end Facebook, Instagram news access in Canada, as government labels move 'irresponsible'

12 months ago

Canadian Government Halts Advertising On Facebook, Instagram

Federal government in Canada pulls its modest amount of advertising on Facebook, Instagram after Meta pulls news for Canadians

1 year ago

Meta To Pull News On Facebook, Instagram In Canada

As promised, Meta is to pull news content from Facebook and Instagram in Canada, after the Online News Act becomes…

1 year ago

Merry Christmas, Silicon UK Readers

Merry Christmas to you and your families.

2 years ago

Meta Warns It May Remove US News Content

Facebook owner warns American Congress it may remove US news from its platform if it passes “ill-considered journalism bill”

2 years ago

India Opens Probe Into Google After Publishers Complain

India's competition regulator launches investigation into Google's market power following complaint by country's digital news media

3 years ago

Google Signs Deal For News From AFP

Five year deal signed with Agence France-Presse for news content on Google, as publishing contracts continue to be signed

3 years ago

Facebook Accused Of Using Content Of Three Australian Publishers

Dustup down under, as three Australian publishers allege Facebook used content for its news service without their permission

3 years ago

Google Ordered To Pay $600m By French Watchdog

Ouch. Copyright dispute over online content in France sees competition regulator impose a 500 million euro (£427m) fine on Google

3 years ago

Australia Passes Amended ‘Media Bargaining Law’

Australia becomes first country in the world where a government arbitrator can set prices tech giants must pay for local…

3 years ago

Facebook To Invest $1 Billion In News Industry

After the very public row with the Australian government, Facebook confirms it is investing $1 billion in the news industry

3 years ago

Facebook Restarts Australian News, After Government Agrees Changes

Australian government agrees to alter its 'media bargaining law', after Facebook blocked local news from its platform last week

3 years ago

Facebook’s Australian News Ban Spurs International Outcry

World leaders take umbrage at Facebook's decision to ban news from its platform in Australia, as US lawmaker calls move…

3 years ago

US Bill Would Help Smaller Publishers Negotiate With Facebook, Google

Planned US bill would allow small news publishers to band together in negotiations with big tech platforms such as Facebook…

3 years ago

Facebook Pulls News From Australia, Citing Incoming Law

Australia has been 'unfriended' by Facebook, after it follows through on warning and stops users sharing news on its platforms

3 years ago

Google Launches ‘News Showcase’ Scheme In Australia

Service launched down under in bid to neutralise Australian government effort to force firms to pay local content publishers

3 years ago

Google CEO Pichai Has ‘Constructive Meeting’ With Australian PM

Australian prime minister reportedly has “constructive meeting” with Alphabet boss Sundar Pichai over controversial media law

3 years ago

Australia Claims Microsoft Bing Ready To Replace Google Search

Government minister claims Microsoft's Bing ready to step in, if Google follows through on threat to withdraw search from Australia

3 years ago

Google To Restore ‘News Showcase’ Service To Australia – Report

Despite confrontation with Australian government over content payments, Google reportedly readies own news service down under

3 years ago

Facebook News Launches In UK After Deals Signed

Curated news service for UK Facebook users launches, after deals signed with the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Guardian, Sky News etc

3 years ago