location tracking

Taylor Swift Threatens To Sue Student Who Clashed With Elon Musk

Florida student Jack Sweeney threatened with legal action by Taylor Swift, over location tracking of her private jet

4 months ago

Google Agrees $93m Location Tracking Settlement With California

Another settlement over Google's location tracking practices, with agreement to pay California $93m to settle lawsuit

8 months ago

Apple, Google Submit Proposal To Tackle AirTag Stalking

Tech giants Apple and Google agree rare partnership to tackle stalking problem via location-tracking devices

1 year ago

Google Settles US States Location Tracking Lawsuit

Alphabet agrees to pay $391.5m settlement after 40 US states sued it for misleading consumers over location tracking practices

2 years ago

TikTok Denies Report It Can ‘Track’ US Citizens

Chinese owned TikTok has denied a media report that it had 'targetted' US citizens, and says it does not collect…

2 years ago

Meta Settles Facebook Location Tracking Lawsuit

Meta reaches $37.5 million settlement of a Facebook location tracking lawsuit, after allegations it tracked user movements via people's smartphones

2 years ago

Apple To Issue AirTag Warning Amid Stalking Fears

Tech giant Apple to issue setup warning after a number of high profile incidents where AirTags have been used to…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Offers Teenager $5,000 To Stop Tracking Bot

The movements of Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk is being tracked by a Florida teenager, who has asked the…

2 years ago

Google Sued For ‘Deceptive’ Location Tracking Practices

Four attorneys general in the US are suing Google for allegedly misleading users about when it was able to track…

2 years ago

Apple Unveils AirTag, Apple TV 4K, Purple iPhone 12

Apple's Spring Loaded event reveals AirTag, Apple 4K TV, as well as purple iPhone 12. Other announcements include a refresh…

3 years ago

Apple ‘Find My’ App To Locate Third-Party Items

Wireless earbuds, electric bikes, and other third-party products can now be tracked or located using Apple's 'Find My' app

3 years ago

Coronavirus: Google Location Data Shows Rise In Visits To Parks

Google releases second tranche of location data that reveals there was a rise in people visiting parks during the warm…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: EU Seeks Unified Approach For Covid-19 Tracking App

European Union warns against fragmented approach for digital technologies and mobile apps, used to help track the Coronavirus pandemic

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Google Releases Location Data To Help Authorities Check Lock-downs

Location data is being released by Google in 131 countries so officials can see if people are obeying self-isolating rules

4 years ago

Coronavirus: WHO Expert Calls For Mobile Phone Tracking

Time to track? To ensure people follow self isolation, their smartphones need to be tracked, expert at World Health Organisation…

4 years ago

Apple iPhone Collects Location Data Even If Turned Off, Warns Krebs

Flagship iPhone 11 Pro will track a user's location, even when location settings are turned off, researcher warns. Apple promises…

4 years ago

TfL To Collect Commuters Wi-Fi Data From July

VPN time? Commuters in London are to have Wi-Fi data collected to help improve journeys on the underground

5 years ago

Google To Auto-Delete Web Search History

Google to offer users the option to auto-delete location history and web search data that it harvests

5 years ago

Google Faces Multiple GDPR Complaints Over Location Tracking

I spy with my little eye? Seven European consumer groups file GDPR complaints against Google's location tracking

5 years ago

Google Slapped With Location Tracking Lawsuit

That didn't take long. Last week's revelation that Google tracks users’ location even if tracking is turned off, prompts US…

6 years ago

Google ‘Tracks Users Even With Location History Switched Off’

An AP investigation found a number of Google services tracked users even when they had explicitly switched off location tracking

6 years ago