Biden Admin Mulls Export Restrictions For AI Models – Report

The United States reportedly considers restricting China and Russia's access to AI models found in tools such as ChatGPT

3 weeks ago

Russia Already Meddling In US Election, Microsoft Warns

Microsoft warns of Russian influence campaigns have begun targetting upcoming US election, albeit at a slower pace than previous operations

1 month ago

White House Warns Of Cyberattacks On US Water Infrastructure

Foreign hackers are targetting US water and sewage systems United States warns, pointing finger at Iran and China

2 months ago

President Biden To Plug US Data Transfers To China, Russia Etc

US President issues executive order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data from being transferred to hostile nation states

3 months ago

Microsoft, OpenAI Catch China, Russia Using AI Tools For Hacking

Nation-state hackers from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have been identified by Microsoft and OpenAI, using AI tools for…

4 months ago

Meta Removes Facebook, Instagram Accounts Of Iran’s Supreme Leader

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has his Facebook and Instagram accounts permanently removed by Meta

4 months ago

UK NCSC Warns Of Significant Threat To Critical Infrastructure

Annual review from National Cyber Security Centre warns of threat posed by state-aligned actors from Russia, China and Iran

7 months ago

China Lashes Out As US Tightens Chip Export Controls

Trade war intensifies, as Beijing lashes out at toughens export controls from US. Nvidia confirms new rules will impact AI…

7 months ago

Scottish MP Admits Hack Of Personal Email, After NCSC Warning

SNP MP Stewart McDonald says he was hacked last month and his email system compromised, with suspicion pointed at Russia

1 year ago

NCSC Warns State-Linked Hackers In Russia, Iran Are Targeting UK

Hacking groups linked to hostile states are conducting sophisticated campaigns against UK politicians and media, warns UK's cyber guardian

1 year ago

WhatsApp To Bypass Regime Internet Shutdowns

Iran, China blow? Internet shutdowns by authoritarian regimes will not prevent WhatsApp users from messaging, Meta confirms

1 year ago

Musk: ‘Nearly 100’ Starlink Terminals Now Active In Iran

SpaceX chief Elon Musk says 'approaching 100' Starlink terminals now active in Iran, amidst ongoing protests and blocked network access

1 year ago

Starlink Terminals Smuggled Into Iran – Report

Amid Internet shutdowns and ongoing protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, Starlink terminals are reportedly being smuggled into Iran

2 years ago

Hackers Breach Iranian Atomic Energy Network

Iranian hacking group, Black Reward, releases Iran nuclear documents in support of protesters in the country

2 years ago

US DoJ Charges Three Iranians With Hack, Extortion Scheme

America charges three Iranian nationals for alleged scheme to hack and extort multiple US critical infrastructure providers

2 years ago

Iran Steel Plants ‘Hit By Cyber-Attack’

Hacking group claims responsibility for reported attacks on several major Iranian steel plants, with one saying forced to halt production

2 years ago

MI6 Boss Calls For Greater Co-operation With Tech Sector

New head of MI6 calls for partnerships with tech industry, as rival nations continue to “pour money” into new technologies

2 years ago

Iran Blames Nation State For Cyberattack on Petrol Stations

Petrol distribution network in Iran has reportedly been paralysed after a cyberattack, which some officials have alleged came from a…

3 years ago

UK Considers Response After Fatal Drone Strike – Report

After Iranian drone strike on Israeli ship kills a Briton and a Romanian sailor, UK reportedly mulls cyber response

3 years ago

Iran’s Natanz Cyberattack Blamed On Israel

Second Stuxnet? Iran's Natanz nuclear facility suffered another cyberattack at the weekend, with the finger once again pointed at Israel

3 years ago

Huawei Seeks UK Court Order For HSBC Documents To Clear CFO

Chinese networking giant Huawei launches court action against HSBC in an effort to clear name of its chief financial officer

3 years ago

Iran, Russia, Have Obtained US Voter Data, US Warns

Russia and Iran have obtained some US voter registration data and are attempting to influence Presidential election, Trump official warns

4 years ago

Iran Says Nuclear Facility Fire May Have Been Cyber-Sabotage

A fire at Natanz uranium-enrichment facility may have been a cyber-attack Iranian officials say, recalling Stuxnet virus attack on same…

4 years ago

Huawei Allegedly Hid Iran Business After CFO Report

Reuters reported that internal documents show Huawei allegedly acted to cover up its relationship with Iran supplier Skycom

4 years ago

United States Levels New Charges Against Huawei

US accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets and assisting Iran, as US Commerce Dept extends temporary trading license for 45…

4 years ago

Twitter Warns ‘State-Sponsored Actors’ Accessed Phone Numbers

Platform warns IP addresses with 'ties to state-sponsored actors' attempted to access phone numbers associated with user accounts

4 years ago

Huawei Lawyer For CFO Disputes US Extradition Request

Four day trial in Vancouver courtroom sees Huawei CFO battle US request for extradition on bank fraud and sanctions busting…

4 years ago

Iran Defeats ‘Second Cyber-Attack’, Minister Claims

Telecoms minister of Iran says his country has foiled a second cyber-attack targetting government systems in less than a week

4 years ago

Huawei Asks Canadian Court To Halt CFO Extradition To US

US extradition of Meng Wanzhou should be halted as Canada did not have sanctions against Iran at time of request

5 years ago

Canada Denies Sharing Huawei CFO’s Device Data With FBI

No data abuse by the Mounties. Canada insists it did not share data from Huawei CFO Wanzhou’s devices with the…

5 years ago