Apple Reverses Course Over EU Ban On Web Apps

Apple to allow iOS web apps in EU after previously planning to disable them as Digital Markets Act 'compliance' measure

3 months ago

Apple ‘Infringes DMA’ With New EU Developer Terms

Apple plans for compliance with EU's Digital Markets Act show 'disdain' for regulators and 'should not be tolerated', argues legal…

4 months ago

Fortnite To Return To iPhones In European Union

Epic Games to bring Fortnite back to iPhones under new EU competition rules – but criticises new Apple 'junk fees'

4 months ago

Apple Begins Making Payments In iPhone Slowdown Case

Apple begins paying users under 2020 settlement that ended legal dispute over deliberately slowing older iPhone models

5 months ago

Ski Slopes Trigger Flood Of 911 Calls From Apple Devices

Ski slopes in Colorado trigger dozens of calls every day from crash-detection feature enabled by default in new Apple iPhone…

1 year ago

Meta To Shutter Facebook Gaming App

That didn't last long. Meta is to close its Facebook Gaming app later this year – two years after it…

2 years ago

Australia Wants Search Engine Choice Screen On Smartphones

Search engine move plotted down under. Australian watchdog plans to make Google offer smartphone users an alternative search engine

3 years ago

Snap Shares Slump On Apple Privacy Disruption

Shares in Snapchat developer Snap drop after it projects prolonged slump in ad revenues from introduction of Apple's iPhone privacy…

3 years ago

Apple ‘May Be Working On Mobile Advertising Platform’

Anti-tracking tech in iOS 14.5 may be part of Apple plan to compete in online advertising against Facebook and Google,…

3 years ago

Snapchat Owner ‘Explored Ways’ Of Violating Apple’s Privacy Rules

Snap, owner of Snapchat, admits it conducted tests into tech that could bypass Apple's privacy controls to track iPhone users

3 years ago

Microsoft Kills Cortana iOS, Android App

Protracted death of digital assistant continues, as Redmond officially pulls support for the Cortana apps on the Android and iOS…

3 years ago

Google Has Not Updated Its iOS Apps For Two Months

No update for Google's iOS apps including Chrome, Photos, YouTube etc, after Apple insists on privacy 'nutrient label' requirement

3 years ago

Apple Delays Advertising Privacy Changes

After pushback from Facebook and advertising associations, Apple delays implementation of new privacy controls on advertisers tracking ability

4 years ago

Facebook Hits Out At Apple’s Advertising Changes

Apple iOS 14 promises world of pain for small developers, warns Facebook, with option to give app users the option…

4 years ago

Facebook Code Changes Crashes Dozens Of iOS Apps – Again

Popular iPhone and iPad apps such as Spotify, Tinder, TikTok and Waze offline for hours after Facebook makes changes to…

4 years ago

WWDC 2020: Apple Redesigns Desktop, Mobile Software

Mac desktop gets an iPad-like look, iPhones can now unlock cars and the Apple Watch gets customiseable watch faces, amongst…

4 years ago

Latvia Set To Release Covid-19 App Based On Tech Companies’ Framework

Latvia is aiming to be one of the first countries to release a Covid-19 contact-tracing app based on Apple and…

4 years ago

Apple Fined For Deliberately Slowing Old iPhones

France's fraud watchdog imposes $27 million fine on Apple for deliberately slowing down older iPhone models, but also some very…

4 years ago

WhatsApp Stops Working On Millions Of Android, iOS Phones

Phones using Android 2.3.7 'Gingerbread' and earlier or iOS 8 and older are no longer able to run WhatsApp as…

4 years ago

Microsoft Pulls Plug On Cortana Mobile App For Some Users

Microsoft is set to end support for its Cortana iOS and Android apps in some regions as it integrates the…

5 years ago

Facebook iOS App Bug Turns On Camera

Privacy alert. Facebook users complain that the social network's iOS app turns on the cameras found on Apple iPads and…

5 years ago

Apple iPhone 5 Users Warned To Update iOS Now, Or Lose Functionality

Users of older Apple devices warned to immediately update the iOS due to 'GPS time rollover issue'

5 years ago

AI Powered Mei Messaging App Arrives On iOS

Crush Analyser. Messaging app that includes an AI assistant to improve personal relationships, arrives on iOS

5 years ago

Apple iPhone Launch: What To Expect?

What to expect at Apple's launch of new iPhone handsets and other new products on Tuesday

5 years ago

Google Reveals Multiple Remote iPhone Flaws

Bugs discovered by Google's Project Zero can be exploited with no user interaction to execute malicious code - with one…

5 years ago

WWDC 2019: Apple Gives iPad Laptop-Like Features With iPadOS

The latest iPad operating system update adds multitasking and productivity enhancements as well as support for USB storage devices

5 years ago

Apple Faces FaceTime Security Questions As It Releases Bug Fix

The US House of Representatives queries Apple over its initial delay in addressing the flaw, which allows users to listen…

5 years ago

Apple, Salesforce Team On Mobile Business Apps

Dreamforce 2018: The companies are to jointly redesign Salesforce's mobile app and provide business developer tools for apps running on…

6 years ago

Google ‘Tracks Users Even With Location History Switched Off’

An AP investigation found a number of Google services tracked users even when they had explicitly switched off location tracking

6 years ago

Apple Unveils iOS Features To Combat Gadget Addiction

WWDC 2018: iOS 12 also includes Group FaceTime, improved Face ID and a feature that blocks cops' phone unlocking tools

6 years ago