AT&T Says Tech Giants Should Fund Rural Broadband

AT&T chief says biggest tech companies should be forced to contribute to troubled fund for low-income and rural broadband access

2 weeks ago

Africa Internet Outages Persist After Multiple Cables Cut

Damage to four subsea cables may take weeks or months to repair as internet outages continue across west and central…

4 months ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Connectivity in Orbit

Welcome to the Silicon In Focus Podcast, where we bring you the latest insights and discussions at the intersection of…

5 months ago

Google Sister Project Brings Laser-Powered Internet To India

Google sister project Taara uses back-end laser communications tech from defunct Project Loon to bring broadband to rural India

1 year ago

Landmark US Supreme Court Challenge Internet Immunity

US Supreme Court hears cases that for first time question key law that protects internet firms from liability for content…

1 year ago

Musk: ‘Nearly 100’ Starlink Terminals Now Active In Iran

SpaceX chief Elon Musk says 'approaching 100' Starlink terminals now active in Iran, amidst ongoing protests and blocked network access

2 years ago

Ukraine’s Ukrtelecom Suffers Outage After Cyberattack

Major internet disruption in Ukraine this week, after 'nation-scale' cyberattack on national telecoms provider Ukrtelecom

2 years ago

FBI Arrest Man Over ‘Plot To Blow Up Internet’

Texas man allegedly sought to 'kill off about 70 percent of the internet' to deal blow to 'oligarchy' by blowing…

3 years ago

Facebook Plans Two Cables Linking US To Asia

Facebook backs two new undersea cable projects creating direct link from North America to Singapore and key Indonesian market

3 years ago

Google Shuts Down Project Loon

Tech giant deflates high altitude balloon-based project that sought to deliver high speed connectivity to developing nations

3 years ago

Russia Readies Law So Moscow Can Block Social Networking Giants

No love for Twitter. Russia's parliament has prepared draft legislation that will allow Moscow to ban US social networking giants

4 years ago

Virgin Media Outage Affects Tens Of Thousands

'Intermittent' outage strikes at peak time on Monday evening, as users across UK see disruption to wired and mobile data…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Russia Postpones Sovereign Internet Test

Official government test of Internet that is cut off from rest of the world cancelled by Russia, amid the global…

4 years ago

Russia ‘Successfully Tests’ Sovereign Internet – Report

Russian pursuit of “sovereign internet” sees the country test its Internet unplugged from rest of the world

5 years ago

Internet Activists Call For Halt To .Org Sale

Internet campaign groups say the sale of the .org registry to a private equity group could mean 'significant harm' for…

5 years ago

Russian Parliament Passes Bill To Isolate Internet

Controversial law would route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

5 years ago

Start-Up OneWeb Seals Funding For Massive Broadband Satellite Launch

OneWeb has now raised some £2.6bn toward its plans for a global satellite-based broadband network, with a major launch campaign…

5 years ago

Thousands Protest At Russian Internet Restrictions

Over 15,000 people protest in Moscow after Russian government moves to tighten control of Internet

5 years ago

Russian Telcos Consider Experimental Disconnection From Global Internet

The exercise would allow telcos to simulate how their networks would function if Russia were cut off from the worldwide…

5 years ago

Alphabet To Deploy Google Project Loon In Kenya

Balloon-powered high speed Internet to arrive in rural Kenya thanks to Project Loon deployment

6 years ago

US Senate Votes To Halt FCC’s Net Neutrality Decision

But will anyone care? Pointless vote will be defeated by the House of Representatives and the US President

6 years ago

Government Awards £41m To Help UK’s 5G Gain An Edge

Six small and medium-sized organisations are to trial next-generation wireless projects in healthcare, tourism, rural productivity and other areas

6 years ago

Leading Internet Figures Demand Cancellation Of ‘Net Neutrality’ Vote

Vint Cerf, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Steve Wozniak are amongst those calling for this week's vote to be called off…

7 years ago

Online Giants, Small Businesses Criticise US Net Neutrality Repeal

The planned removal of a 2015 US law could mean more charges for large businesses and start-ups, not to mention…

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Microsoft Encarta

Microsoft Encarta started life as a CD-ROM based digital multimedia encyclopedia, but the Web eventually led to its demise

7 years ago

Judge Tells LinkedIn It Cannot Stop Third Parties From Collecting Profile Data

LinkedIn must allow startup HiQ to collect data from public profiles in a case that tests how much control internet…

7 years ago

Researcher Takes Over .IO Domain After Technical Blunder

A technical mistake allowed a security researcher to temporarily take control of nameservers for the .io domain, highlighting ongoing DNS…

7 years ago

Infosec 2017: Government Can’t Ignore ‘Technical Realities’ Of Encryption

Issues of encryption and internet regulation both tackled at InfoSecurity Europe 2017

7 years ago

EU Commits £105m To Fund Free WiFi In Areas Without Internet

The WiFi4EU initiative feeds into the European Commission's Digital Single Market ambitions

7 years ago