in-app payments

Google To Allow Third Party App Payments In South Korea

Your move Apple? Third party payment systems will be allowed in Google's app ecosystem in South Korea, to comply with…

1 month ago

Apple Rejects Epic Games Fortnite Request In South Korea

Not having it. Despite South Korea ban on payment commission charges, Apple has refused to reinstate Epic Games account in…

3 months ago

Apple Eases App Store Rules For Spotify, Netflix etc

Fresh concession from Apple for “reader” apps, but Netflix says it doesn't go far enough and Spotify CEO says Apple…

3 months ago

Apple Faces Antitrust Complaint In India Over In-App Payments

Non-profit group in India files antitrust complaint against Apple, over the 30 percent commission charge for in-app purchases

3 months ago

Apple Agrees App Store Deal With Small Developers

Ahead of a ruling in App Store dispute with Epic Games, Apple agrees to ease restrictions for small developers over…

3 months ago

South Korea Moves To Curb In-App Purchase Charges

South Korean parliamentary committee votes to amend a bill in order to stop Apple and Google charges for in-app purchases

3 months ago

EU Slams Tardy Apple Over In-App Purchases

Apple has been singled out for particular criticism by the European Commission over in-app purchases

7 years ago

Amazon Vows To Fight FTC Over In-App Purchases

The FTC has been promised a legal fight after Amazon threatened to bring in the lawyers over in-app purchases

7 years ago

App Developers Face Deadline For In-App Purchases

Mobile app developers have just two months to comply with new in-app purchase regulations

8 years ago

Visa Opens Developer Centre For Online Tools

Visa opens a developer centre to provide access to its technology without compromising security

10 years ago

Amazon And Kobo React To In-App Purchasing Policy

Amazon and Kobo have complied with Apple's in-app policies but Kobo plans to build an HTML5 e-reader app

10 years ago

PlayBook Upgrade Adds More Than In-App Payments

The 1.0.5 BlackBerry OS upgrade for RIM's PlayBook corrects some missing features and adds in-app payments

11 years ago