Microsoft AI Engineer Flags Copilot Safety Concerns

Engineer alleges Microsoft's Copilot Designer is creating vulgar, sexual and violent content, and has written to the SEC

4 months ago

Google DeepMind Trials Watermarks For AI Images

Google DeepMind develops tool to identify images generated by machines, as tech industry seeks safeguards for AI

11 months ago

Tesla Staff Shared Sensitive Customer Images – Report

Former Tesla workers in the US admit they often shared sensitive videos and images taken by customer's car cameras

1 year ago

Facebook Bug Allowed User To Delete Any Image

A flaw in a new polling feature could have been manipulated by a malicious user to delete images of their…

7 years ago

Google Touts Smaller JPEGs With Open Source Guetzli Encoder

Does size matter? Google certainly thinks so with the launch of a new encoder to shrink JPEG files

7 years ago

Concern Raised At JPEG Copyright Clampdown

Proposals to make JPEG pictures harder to copy, prompts objection from digital rights group EFF

9 years ago

Meet the App that Can Help Protect Your Photos From The Snapchat Hackers

Yovo scrambles or blurs your photos to ensure that they stay private

10 years ago

Instagram Denies It Claimed Ownership Of Users’ Images

Instagram promised not to sell user photos after a policy change gave it “perpetual” rights to uploaded images

12 years ago

Google High Res Images Now Include London Olympics

Google Maps has expanded its high resolution image collection of cities, including venues at the Olympic Games

12 years ago

BA Hits Privacy Turbulence Over Passenger Profiling

British Airways is accused of snooping on its passengers by using the Internet to hunt down personal information

12 years ago

Dell And Siemens Create Storage Cloud For Medical Images

Dell and Siemens have put together a massive cloud-based storage system for medical images

12 years ago

Facebook Flaw Exposes Zuckerberg’s Private Pics

A tool intended to flag inappropriate Facebook content was exploited to access CEO Zuckerberg's images

13 years ago

Spammers And Scammers Make Bin Laden Killing

Scammers have wasted no time in putting out Osama bin Laden rogue AV, fake codecs and Facebook scams

13 years ago