Musk’s xAI ‘To Build Nvidia Supercomputer’

Elon Musk reportedly tells investors in start-up xAI company wants to build massive Nvidia-powered supercomputer by late next year

2 months ago

Nvidia Builds ‘Grace’ CPU-Powered Supercomputer

Nvidia, known for GPUs, scores with for new Grace CPU in University of Bristol's Isambard 3 supercomputer, to be built…

1 year ago

Meta Building Fastest AI Supercomputer In The World

Facebook building the world’s fastest AI supercomputer to help detect and moderate offensive posts and content, from among its billions…

2 years ago

HPE Wins NSA Cloud Contract Worth $2bn

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wins $2 billion cloud services contract with America's top secret intelligence agency, the NSA

3 years ago

UK’s Most Powerful Supercomputer, Cambridge-1, Targets Healthcare

Nvidia's Cambridge-1 is now the UK's most powerful supercomputer, and will offer research capabilities for healthcare and AI

3 years ago

Nvidia Unveils Data Centre ARM CPU Dubbed ‘Grace’

New 'Grace' server chip from GPU giant Nvidia is designed to take the fight to Intel and AMD in the…

3 years ago

US Blacklists Seven Chinese Supercomputing Entities

Entity list additions. US Commerce Department adds seven Chinese supercomputing entities to US blacklist, for working with Chinese military

3 years ago

Supercomputers Across Europe Shut Down After Crypto-Mining Attacks

Hackers break into academic high-performance computing clusters in Edinburgh, Germany and Switzerland to install Monero currency-mining software

4 years ago

Intel Tunes ‘Ponte Vecchio’ GPU For AI, High-Performance Computing

Intel introduces 'Ponte Vecchio', based on its Xe GPU architecture, along with oneAPI open programming model and other supercomputing tech

5 years ago

HPE Bolsters HPC Credentials With $1.3bn Cray Deal

Veteran supercomputer maker Cray is to be acquired by HPE, to power its HPC push in the years ahead

5 years ago

Initial Design Work Completed On SKA Radio Telescope Supercomputer

The five-year project, led by the University of Cambridge, designs one of the two supercomputers planned to process data from…

5 years ago

Fujitsu Gives First Details On ARM-Powered Supercomputer Chip

Fujitsu's custom chip, the first to use supercomputing extensions to the ARMv8-A instruction set, is set to come into operation…

6 years ago

US To Retake Supercomputing Crown With ‘Summit’

The new Oak Ridge National Laboratories system will be used to help build an exascale computer running at 100 petaflops

6 years ago

ARM, HPE, SUSE To Build UK Supercomputer For AI Research

The supercomputer is to be powered by ARM and SUSE Linux and sited in clusters at Edinburgh, Bristol and Leicester…

6 years ago

Nvidia Unveils Titan V, The World’s Most Powerful GPU

Nvidia returns to its roots with the Ttian V, the world's most powerful GPU for the PC costs a cool…

7 years ago

HPE Targets AI And HPC With New Apollo Platforms

New HPC and storage solutions includes HPE’s first ARM-based HPC system and enhanced tape storage system

7 years ago

IBM To Place 20 Qubit Quantum Computer In The Cloud

Quantum leap forward as IBM offers 20 qubit computer for clients, and develops first working 50 qubit processor

7 years ago

Microsoft To Offer Cray Supercomputers On Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft and Cray are to link supercomputers directly into Azure data centres, providing high-end scalability for AI workloads

7 years ago

Microsoft Boosts Azure HPC With Cycle Computing Acquisition

Microsoft hopes Cycle Computing deal will make it easier for any company to take advantage of cloud-based HPC on Azure

7 years ago

HPE Boosts HPC With £212m SGI Acquisition

Big data analytics and high performance computing purchase looks to strengthen HPE's market position

8 years ago

IBM Launches DeepFlash 150 For Big Data Workloads

The DeepFlash 150 rounds off IBM's all-flash portfolio

8 years ago

Dell ‘HPC As A Service’ Targets Mainstream Businesses

Dell also launches HPC Systems for Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Research

8 years ago

Obama Orders Exascale Supercomputer Initiative

World's faster supercomputer. Obama orders creation of computer capable of 1,000 petaflops

9 years ago

Seagate Extends IBM HPC Deal Amidst Revenue Woes

Seagate and IBM work on ClusterStor and Spectrum Scale inter-operability

9 years ago

HP Drags Intel Into HPC Market Push

HP enlists Intel to help with pushing HPC into new markets such as oil & gas and life science

9 years ago

IBM And NVIDIA Launch OpenPOWER Research Centre In France

IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox say the centre will push research and adoption of Big Data and HPC technologies based on…

9 years ago

Why Data Centre Collaboration Is Key To Success For UK Research

King's College London now shares data centre facilities with five other institutions to pool high performance computing power

9 years ago

Dell, Intel, University Of Cambridge Send High Performance Computing Into Freak Mode

Their data analytics and cloud platforms for industrial workloads are helping scientists to cure diseases and examine the beginning of…

9 years ago

Supercomputing Technology Pilot Launched In Scottish Highlands

The superfast computing hub will connect to England, Wales and Northern Ireland

10 years ago