hate speech

Facebook Bans Blackface, Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

After anti-Semitic tweets by grime musician Wiley, Facebook has updated its content policies to clamp down on racist content

1 month ago

Twitter Hits Wiley With Permanent Ban For Anti-Semitic Remarks

Tweets by Grime musician prompted Twitter boycott, but Wiley also had Facebook and Instagram accounts deleted for 'repeated violations' of…

2 months ago

Twitter Faces Celebrity Boycott Over Anti-Semitism

Following slow response to anti-Semitic tweets from grime musician Wiley, dozens of celebrities stage 48-hour boycott of platform

2 months ago

Twitter Suspends Accounts Tweeting QAnon Conspiracy Content

Content and accounts associated with far right conspiracy group QAnon are being permanently suspended by Twitter this week

2 months ago

Facebook Criticised By Own Audit For ‘Setback’ Of Civil Rights

Two-year-long audit commissioned by the social network, slates Mark Zuckerberg's firm for 'serious setbacks for civil rights'

2 months ago

Facebook Boycott Organisers Disappointed With Zuckerberg Meeting

No concessions. Organisers of the advertising boycott of Facebook left disappointed after meeting CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other executives

2 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Says Advertisers Will Be Back ‘Soon Enough’

What boycott? Facebook's boss Mark Zuckerberg dismisses growing advertiser boycott of the platform over its hate speech policies

3 months ago

Facebook Faces Growing Advertising Boycott

Growing boycott of Facebook sees more than 400 brands, including Coca-Cola and Starbucks pulling advertising from the platform

3 months ago

Facebook To Review Content Policies Amidst Protests

Facebook is to review policies on how it handles controversial posts amidst ongoing racism protests, after staff staged walk-out

3 months ago

Reddit Co-Founder Quits In Racism Protest

Alexis Ohanian leaves Reddit's board of directors and says he will donate $1m to charity in move protesting hate speech…

3 months ago

France Requires Social Media Firms To Remove Content Within One Hour

That could difficult. French parliament passes a law that requires social media companies to delete certain content within an hour

4 months ago

Facebook Oversight Board Appoints Human Rights Expert

Can independent oversight board restore faith in Facebook's and Mark Zuckerberg's handling of questionable content?

8 months ago

Facebook Live Streaming Restriction After NZ Shooting

Rules around the live streaming feature on Facebook to be tightened after New Zealand shootings

1 year ago

Facebook Bans Far Right Groups

Hate crackdown continues as Facebook bans Nick Griffin, Britain First, BNP and National Front

1 year ago

Facebook Bans White Power Content After Christchurch Massacre

After mosque murder spree, white nationalism and white separatism content banned by Facebook

1 year ago

EU Pressures Social Media Firms Over Hate Speech

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and others not reaching self-imposed targets for reviewing reported content, European justice commission finds

4 years ago