hate speech

YouTube ‘Major Conduit’ Of Misinformation, Fact-checkers Allege

Group of more than 80 fact-checking organisations write open letter to YouTube's CEO, calling platform a major conduit of misinformation

7 days ago

Meta Expands Facebook Crackdown On Myanmar Military

Meta executive confirms Facebook will now ban all Myanmar-military controlled businesses on its platforms, as it expands Junta restrictions

1 month ago

Meta Sued For $150 Billion By Rohingya Refugees

Meta sued for billions of dollars for not allegedly removing anti-Rohingya hate speech during 2017 violence in Myanmar (Burma)

1 month ago

Mark Zuckerberg: Frances Haugen’s Allegations Don’t Make Sense

Mark Zuckerberg rejects Frances Haugen’s testimony that Facebook puts profits before people's safety, and says many of her allegations don't…

3 months ago

Facebook Allows Some High-Profile Users To Break Rules

Social networking giant Facebook uses a 'whitelist' of high-profile users, who are reportedly allowed to break platform's online rules

4 months ago

Facebook Developing Content Tools After Advertiser Outrage

Facebook says it is developing 'topic exclusion' tools to help advertisers ensure their ads don't appear alongside hate speech or…

12 months ago

Facebook Oversight Board Overrules Zuckerberg In Four Cases

Social network's 'supreme court' overturns four out of five Facebook decisions to remove questionable content from its platform

12 months ago

Twitter ‘Birdwatch’ Trial To Allow Users To Flag Misleading Content

'Birdwatch' pilot to give users the power to flag misleading tweets, and write background notes about reason for reporting

12 months ago

Facebook Refers Donald Trump Ban Decision To Oversight Board

Hot potato. Mark Zuckerberg refers his decision to indefinitely suspend Donald Trump over to its independent oversight board

12 months ago

Social Networking Giants Grilled By MPs On Hate Content

After Donald Trump's ban from many social networking platforms, British MPs grill executives on their respective hate content policies

12 months ago

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: Trump Ban Right Thing To Do

CEO of Twitter opens up about permanent ban on outgoing US President Donald Trump, after criticism from some quarters over…

1 year ago

Facebook Oversight Board Ready For US Election

Facebook's oversight board that will make final decision on objectional content will launch just before US election on 3 November

1 year ago

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Agree To Hate Speech Audits

Social networking giants agree to outside audit of efforts to deal with hate speech, after advertising boycott by major firms

1 year ago

Facebook Bans Blackface, Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

After anti-Semitic tweets by grime musician Wiley, Facebook has updated its content policies to clamp down on racist content

1 year ago

Twitter Hits Wiley With Permanent Ban For Anti-Semitic Remarks

Tweets by Grime musician prompted Twitter boycott, but Wiley also had Facebook and Instagram accounts deleted for 'repeated violations' of…

1 year ago

Twitter Faces Celebrity Boycott Over Anti-Semitism

Following slow response to anti-Semitic tweets from grime musician Wiley, dozens of celebrities stage 48-hour boycott of platform

1 year ago

Twitter Suspends Accounts Tweeting QAnon Conspiracy Content

Content and accounts associated with far right conspiracy group QAnon are being permanently suspended by Twitter this week

1 year ago

Facebook Criticised By Own Audit For ‘Setback’ Of Civil Rights

Two-year-long audit commissioned by the social network, slates Mark Zuckerberg's firm for 'serious setbacks for civil rights'

2 years ago

Facebook Boycott Organisers Disappointed With Zuckerberg Meeting

No concessions. Organisers of the advertising boycott of Facebook left disappointed after meeting CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other executives

2 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg Says Advertisers Will Be Back ‘Soon Enough’

What boycott? Facebook's boss Mark Zuckerberg dismisses growing advertiser boycott of the platform over its hate speech policies

2 years ago

Facebook Faces Growing Advertising Boycott

Growing boycott of Facebook sees more than 400 brands, including Coca-Cola and Starbucks pulling advertising from the platform

2 years ago

Facebook To Review Content Policies Amidst Protests

Facebook is to review policies on how it handles controversial posts amidst ongoing racism protests, after staff staged walk-out

2 years ago

Reddit Co-Founder Quits In Racism Protest

Alexis Ohanian leaves Reddit's board of directors and says he will donate $1m to charity in move protesting hate speech…

2 years ago

France Requires Social Media Firms To Remove Content Within One Hour

That could difficult. French parliament passes a law that requires social media companies to delete certain content within an hour

2 years ago

Facebook Oversight Board Appoints Human Rights Expert

Can independent oversight board restore faith in Facebook's and Mark Zuckerberg's handling of questionable content?

2 years ago

Facebook Live Streaming Restriction After NZ Shooting

Rules around the live streaming feature on Facebook to be tightened after New Zealand shootings

3 years ago

Facebook Bans Far Right Groups

Hate crackdown continues as Facebook bans Nick Griffin, Britain First, BNP and National Front

3 years ago

Facebook Bans White Power Content After Christchurch Massacre

After mosque murder spree, white nationalism and white separatism content banned by Facebook

3 years ago

EU Pressures Social Media Firms Over Hate Speech

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and others not reaching self-imposed targets for reviewing reported content, European justice commission finds

5 years ago