Hackers Nearly Stole £1 Million From Premiership Football Club

NCSC report reveals how defences of UK sport sector are being tested by cyber attackers, as one football club nearly…

3 weeks ago

DoJ Charges Two Chinese Hackers Of IP And Coronavirus Vaccine Theft

As the US orders closure of Chinese consulate in Texas, the DoJ indites two Chinese hackers for IP theft and…

3 weeks ago

Coronavirus: Russian Hackers Attack Vaccine Researchers

British and Western intelligence services are warning Russia's APT29 hacking group is targetting Covid-19 vaccine researchers

4 weeks ago

Hackers Steal Data From US Nuclear Missile Contractor

Confidential data from the US military contractor that supports the Minuteman III nuclear deterrent has been stolen by hackers

2 months ago

FBI Accuses China-linked Hackers Of Attacking Coronavirus Researchers

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security say China-linked hackers are attacking US firms carrying out Covid-19 research

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Hackers Targetting Covid-19 Research Organisations

US and UK cyber officials warn of 'malicious cyber campaigns targeting organisations involved in the Coronavirus response'

3 months ago

FBI Official Warns Government Hackers Are Targetting Covid-19 Research

Senior FBI official warns foreign government hackers have compromised healthcare firms conducting research for Coronavirus treatments

4 months ago

Coronavirus: UK, US Warn Hackers Are Exploiting Pandemic

Cybersecurity officials in the UK and US are warning that state-backed hackers and criminals are taking advantage of the Coronavirus…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Chinese Hackers APT41 Seek Exploits Amid Pandemic

Security researcher warn Chinese state-sponsored hackers are conducting a widespread campaign, despite the Coronavirus pandemic

5 months ago

Russia’s GRU Blamed For Huge Cyberattack On Georgia

The United Kingdom and the United States have called out Russia's campaign of “unacceptable cyberattacks against Georgia”

6 months ago

Facebook Accounts On Twitter, Instagram Hacked

Facebook has been targeted by Saudi-based hacking collective OurMine after compromise of its Twitter and Instagram accounts

6 months ago

Cryptocurrency Attendees Should Avoid North Korean Conference, Warns UN

Experts at the United Nations (UN) warn attendees of upcoming cryptocurrency conference in North Korea they could be cited for…

7 months ago

Microsoft Takes Control Of ‘Thallium’ Hacking Domains

Cyber win. Web domains used by North Korean hacking group Thallium have been seized by Microsoft

7 months ago

ECB Closes Website After Breach By ‘Unauthorised Parties’

European central bank shuts down banking industry website after it discovers it was accessed by unknown parties

12 months ago

Texas Suffers ‘Co-ordinated’ Ransomware Attack

Local government departments across Texas have been attacked with ransomware from 'single threat actor'

12 months ago

Chinese Government Hackers Moonlight For Extra Cash – FireEye

Will hack for cash!. Team of Chinese government-backed hackers conduct cyber operations on the side for cash

1 year ago

Microsoft Says Russia’s Strontium Behind IoT Hacks

Russian state-sponsored hackers linked to GRU, identified by Microsoft as attacking IoT devices

1 year ago

Chinese Ministry Hackers Hit Eight Services Firms – Report

China’s Ministry of State Security implicated in report on hacking attacks on US and Japanese IT services giants

1 year ago

Ransomware Hackers Get Paid By Another US City

Another US city opts to hand over hundreds of thousands dollars to hackers after ransomware attack

1 year ago

Eurovision Webcast Hacked With Fake Tel Aviv Missile Attack

Cyber attack blamed on Hamas after Eurovision semi-final webcast hacked with fake missile warning

1 year ago

Collection 2 Data Breach Exposes 2.2 Billion Unique Accounts

Massive new data dump of 2.2 records are being distributed on hacker forums and torrents

2 years ago

US Files Charges Against Two ‘Chinese Government Hackers’

Two Chinese men belonging to Advanced Persistent Threat 10 hacking group are charged by US authorities

2 years ago

MoD Secrets Exposed In Multiple Data Breaches – Report

Sensitive British defence data has been exposed in multiple breaches in 2017, heavily redacted incident reports show

2 years ago

British Airways Hack ‘Compromises’ Customers’ Financial Details

The incident involved the theft of payment card details over a period of two weeks at the height of the…

2 years ago

Chinese Hackers Target Alaska Government – Report

Ahead of Alaska’s trade mission to China, hackers targetted state government and local utility firms

2 years ago

Russian Hackers Penetrate US Electrical Grid – Report

Blackout threat? Russian linked hacking group has compromised networks of American electric utilities

2 years ago

US Blames Russia For Energy Grid Attacks

United States officials have for the first time publicly blamed the Russian government for two years of cyber attacks on…

2 years ago

Chinese Hackers Target UK Think Tanks

British think tanks are being repeatedly target by Chinese hacking groups, Crowdstrike warns

2 years ago

Five Steps To Keep North Korean Hackers Out Of Your Network

ANALYSIS: You can’t prevent all attempts to penetrate your enterprise security, but you can impede the attackers and you can…

3 years ago

Equifax Was Warned Months Before Attack, Researcher Claims

Oh dear. Firm was apparently warned about website vulnerability, months before devastating data breach

3 years ago