Cryptocurrency Attendees Should Avoid North Korean Conference, Warns UN

Experts at the United Nations (UN) warn attendees of upcoming cryptocurrency conference in North Korea they could be cited for…

1 week ago

Microsoft Takes Control Of ‘Thallium’ Hacking Domains

Cyber win. Web domains used by North Korean hacking group Thallium have been seized by Microsoft

4 weeks ago

ECB Closes Website After Breach By ‘Unauthorised Parties’

European central bank shuts down banking industry website after it discovers it was accessed by unknown parties

5 months ago

Texas Suffers ‘Co-ordinated’ Ransomware Attack

Local government departments across Texas have been attacked with ransomware from 'single threat actor'

5 months ago

Chinese Government Hackers Moonlight For Extra Cash – FireEye

Will hack for cash!. Team of Chinese government-backed hackers conduct cyber operations on the side for cash

6 months ago

Microsoft Says Russia’s Strontium Behind IoT Hacks

Russian state-sponsored hackers linked to GRU, identified by Microsoft as attacking IoT devices

6 months ago

Chinese Ministry Hackers Hit Eight Services Firms – Report

China’s Ministry of State Security implicated in report on hacking attacks on US and Japanese IT services giants

7 months ago

Ransomware Hackers Get Paid By Another US City

Another US city opts to hand over hundreds of thousands dollars to hackers after ransomware attack

7 months ago

Eurovision Webcast Hacked With Fake Tel Aviv Missile Attack

Cyber attack blamed on Hamas after Eurovision semi-final webcast hacked with fake missile warning

8 months ago

Collection 2 Data Breach Exposes 2.2 Billion Unique Accounts

Massive new data dump of 2.2 records are being distributed on hacker forums and torrents

12 months ago