Google Glass

Google Closes Down Augmented Reality Glasses

Axing of another Google wearable. This time Google's AR Glasses prototype, Project Iris, is reportedly closed down

1 year ago

Google Glass Ends For Business Users

End of the road. Business successor to Google Glass known as Glass Enterprise, is to halt enterprise sales and stop…

1 year ago

Google To Test Augmented Reality Glasses In Public

After privacy setback a decade ago, Google admits it is ready to begin testing new augmented reality glasses in the…

2 years ago

An Augmented Reality Future?

Rumours that Apple is actively developing AR technology that would deliver a usable and wearable AR could herald a new…

3 years ago

Google Closes Down North Smart Glasses

Weeks after Google purchased Canadian smart glass provider North, customers are warned their devices will stop working this week

4 years ago

Google Buys North Smart Glasses, Closes Down Product

Canadian smart glasses maker North acquired by Google, which then immediately kills the next version of its wearable device

4 years ago

Google Glass Returns To Target Business And Industrial Use

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition will look to aid workers in the logistics, manufacturing and medical sectors amongst others

7 years ago

Samsung Contact Lens Concept Includes Blink-Controlled Camera

Patent application suggests Samsung is researching Internet-connected displays controlled by eye movements

8 years ago

How Did New Google Glass Appear In eBay Auction?

Mysterious eBay auction sees San Francisco pawn shop selling unreleased Google Glass device

8 years ago

Google Glass Removed From The Web

Time for a refresh? Social media accounts for wearable device removed

8 years ago

Google Glass Returns As ‘Project Aura’

Next generartion of smart glasses project is reportedly hiring former Amazon Lab126 engineers

9 years ago

New Version Of Google Glass ‘Secretly’ Sent To Businesses

Industry-focused edition of Glass being shipped out by Google, reports claim

9 years ago

Google Glass Job Advert Suggests Project Isn’t Dead

Job posting for new role reveals all is not lost yet for Google Glass

9 years ago

Google Glass Executive Steps Down

Head of business operations for Google Glass steps down, as the future of the wearable device remains uncertain

9 years ago

What Is The Security Impact Of Wearables In The Workplace?

Chema Alonso, CEO of Telefonica subsidiary Eleven Paths, discusses the security implications of introducing a wear your own device (WYOD)…

9 years ago

Sony Unleashes Its Google Glass Beater

Developer edition of SmartEyeglass opens for pre-order today, costing $840 (£520)

9 years ago

Wearables: About To Crack The Glass Ceiling?

Virtusa senior vice president Frank Palermo tells TechWeek Europe how wearables and Google Glass could develop over time

10 years ago

Google Glass Faces Uncertain Future As Beta Is Halted

Google calls time on its beta test of Google Glass, but claims it is not abandoning the wearable device

10 years ago

Tesco Launches Google Glass App For Hands-Free Shopping

Tesco Grocery Glassware lets shoppers view additional product information or buy goods using Google Glass

10 years ago

Sony Kit Looks To Turn Any Glasses Into Google Glass

Detachable module can turn any eyewear, including sunglasses or goggles, into smart glasses

10 years ago

Intel And Luxottica Team Up To Create Fashionable Luxury Smart Glasses

Multi-year partnership might signal Ray-Ban smart glasses are on the horizon

10 years ago

Google Glass 2 ‘To Be Intel-Powered’

Smart glasses successor to feature Intel processor in a bid to become workplace-friendly

10 years ago

Is Huawei Planning A Google Glass Competitor?

“Honor Glasses” could include military-grade hardware as Huawei takes on the glasses market

10 years ago

Smart Glasses “To Stay Niche Until 2018”

Don’t bet on Google Glass to kickstart adoption of smart glasses, Juniper Research warns

10 years ago

Dubai Police Force Gets Google Glass To Help Fight Crime

Judge Dredd-esque look will give officers facial recognition software to identify criminals

10 years ago

Edinburgh Airport To Welcome Arrivals With Google Glass

Trial follows similar rollout by Virgin Atlantic staff at Heathrow earlier this year

10 years ago

Lenovo Readies Wearable Rival To Google Glass

Lenovo becomes the latest to dip its toe into the wearable computing waters, with a Google Glass rival

10 years ago

Google Partners Novartis For ‘Smart’ Contact Lenses

Google teams up with Swiss drugmaker Novartis to develop smart contact lenses to help diabetics

10 years ago

Amazon Hires Google Glass Founder Babak Parviz

Amazon signals its growing hardware intentions by hiring the founder of the Google Glass project

10 years ago

UK Cinema Trade Group Bans Google Glass

The Cinema Exhibitors' Association, representing more than 90 percent of British cinemas, said it will ban Glass from auditoriums

10 years ago