Twitter Ghana Staff Finally Paid, More Than A Year After Layoffs

X, formerly Twitter, reaches settlement with Ghana-based staff more than a year after they were sacked in November 2022

3 months ago

Kickbacks And Corruption Undermine African Innovation

As global leaders look to international aid to support the developing world, SOFTtribe’s Herman Chinery-Hesse, argues that aid actually damages…

12 years ago

Technology In Ghana: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Ghana is at the forefront of Africa's technological development, but can it overcome its chronic e-waste problem, asks Sophie Curtis

13 years ago

Mobile Software Used To Monitor Education In Ghana

Camfed volunteers are using mobile software to monitor the management of educational resources in Ghana

13 years ago

SAP Makes ‘Living Lab’ For Cashew Farmers In Ghana

Ghanaian cashew nut farmers are testing a smartphone app that improves efficiency in the supply chain

13 years ago

SAP Helps Ghanaian Shea Nut Workers Earn More

Groups of women Shea nut harvesters in Ghana are using SAP smartphone software to improve efficiency

13 years ago

Camfed And Google To Launch ICT Centres In Ghana

ICT centres run by women provide hubs of learning in remote rural regions of Ghana

13 years ago

Ghana To Lead LTE Deployment In Africa

Ghana could be the first country in Africa to get 4G mobile technology, and Alcatel Lucent is eager to get…

13 years ago

Ghana Slum Faces Growing E-Waste Problem

The Ghanaian government is torn between a growing e-waste problem and the need for affordable IT equipment

13 years ago