Notorious Finnish Hacker Jailed Over Patient Records Hack

Finnish hacker Julius Kivimäki jailed for six years after blackmail attempts on 21,000 patients using stolen psychotherapy records

2 months ago

Microsoft Data Centre Region In Finland To Heat Nearby Cities

Software giant Microsoft is to build a new energy efficient data centre region in Finland, which will supply heating to…

2 years ago

Finnish Therapy Patients Blackmailed After Data Breach

New low. Confidential records of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland compromised, with some patients now being blackmailed

4 years ago

Google To Spend Billions On European Data Centres

CEO Sundar Pichai says Google is to spend an additional 3 billion euros (£2.6bn) on European data centres

5 years ago

Google To Invest 600m Euros In New Finland Data Centre

The new facility adds to Google's existing facility in Hamina, which is on track to be powered by wind energy

5 years ago

Google Signs Wind Farm Deals To Power Finnish Data Centre

The 10-year deals include buying the entire output from a planned wind farm in western Finland, as corporate demand for…

6 years ago

Tampere, Finland: The Birthplace Of Industrial IoT?

The marriage of communications and heavy industry expertise created Industrial IoT in Finland, long before the IoT buzz, writes Margarita…

8 years ago

Yandex Data Centres To Supply Hot Water To Finnish City

The city of Mäntsälä looks to reduce C02 emissions by up to 40 percent by heating its water with Russian…

9 years ago

Lizard Squad Hacker Avoids Jail Despite 50,000 Attacks

No justice? Finnish teenager and Lizard Squad member responsible for 50,700 hacks avoids prison time

9 years ago

The Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Will Be Running For EU Parliament

“We need to reboot the thing called democracy,” says former spokesman for the file-sharing website

10 years ago

Sailfish OS Is Now Fully Compatible With Android

The successor to MeeGo works on Android hardware, runs apps from Google Play

11 years ago

Nokia Confirms Espoo Headquarters Sale

Nokia has sold its spiritual HQ in Espoo Finland to a real-estate firm, and leased it back again

12 years ago

Finn Sets Mobile Phone Throwing Record

Don't bin your old phone. Throw it!

12 years ago

Linux Creator Torvalds Shares €1 Million Technology Prize

Linus Torvalds shares top tech prize with stem cell scientist Shinya Yamanaka

12 years ago

Nokia And Microsoft To Invest £15 Million Into Windows Phone Apps

AppCampus in Finland will become a prime destination for Windows Phone developers

12 years ago

Finnish Anti-Piracy Group Says Anonymous Sent Bomb Threat

CIAPC makes claims as hactivist collective protests against Finnish Pirate Bay ban

13 years ago

Green Google’s Sea Change In Data Centre Design

A Finnish data centre will use seawater to cool Google's servers and wind power to supply the electricity

13 years ago