face recognition

Texas AG Sues Meta For Biometric Data Collection

Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Facebook parent Meta, alleging it captured and used biometric data of millions of Texans

2 years ago

Facebook To End Facial Recognition Use – Cites ‘Societal Concerns’

Social networking giant confirms it is 'shutting down the Face Recognition system on Facebook', due to lack of rules and…

3 years ago

China Law Requires Face Scans For Mobile Services

New law requires biometric identification for SIM card purchases, but detractors call the move 'dystopian' and say it could aid…

5 years ago

Met Police ‘Provided Seven Images’ For King’s Cross Face Recognition Scheme

Police acknowledge working with private King's Cross developer on face recognition scheme, amidst ongoing concern about the use of the…

5 years ago

Facebook Offers Users Facial Recognition Opt Out

No more Tag suggestions. Face recognition ability opened to all users, but opt-out is available

5 years ago

King’s Cross District Tracks Visitors Using Face Recognition

Canary Wharf also said to be considering private face recognition trials, in spite of controversy over police use of the…

5 years ago

Amazon Urges ‘Transparency’ In Law Enforcement Use Of Face Recognition

Amazon's AWS and others face a backlash against the use of AI-powered face identification tools, with privacy groups saying they…

5 years ago

Police Trialling Face Recognition In Central London This Week

Police said officers would only scan people's faces by invitation, but activists say the tech turns people into 'walking ID…

6 years ago

Police Figures Cite Cybercrime, Digital Data As Top Concern

An exponential surge in data and a decentralised structure are making cyber-policing increasingly difficult

6 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Jarvis-Inspired AI Home Assistant

"Building Jarvis was an interesting intellectual challenge"

8 years ago

Three Awesome Windows 10 Security Features

Will Windows 10 be more secure than previous versions? These security features should help

9 years ago

Facebook Wants All Profile Photos For Its Face Recognition Database

Facebook plans to expand controversial "Tag Suggest" feature, use more customer content for advertising purposes

11 years ago

Motorola Mobility Buys Face Recognition Developer Viewdle

Google is expected to integrate the technology into Android smartphones

12 years ago

Facebook Removes Face Recognition Software In Europe

Social network withdraws facial recognition features voluntarily after Irish audit

12 years ago

Facebook Acquires Face.com Recognition Technology

Social network set to bring the technology that powers its tag suggestions feature in-house

12 years ago

Research Uses Face Recognition To Find Personal Data

Researchers have shown off the ability to discover personal data using simple face recognition software

13 years ago

Regulators Blast Facebook Over Face Recognition

Regulators worldwide have complained that Facebook's face recognition feature abuses users' rights

13 years ago