NASA And DARPA To Develop Nuclear Rocket Engines For Mars

Partnership between NASA and DARPA seeks to develop nuclear thermal rocket engine for upcoming Mars missions

1 year ago

Robot Dog Spot From Boston Dynamics On Sale For $74,500

Fancy being an owner of a robot dog? Well, if you happen to have £59,000 in cash spare, then you…

4 years ago

US Military To Spend £1.54bn On AI Research

The move follows Google's decision to step back from controversial drone AI research scheme Project Maven

6 years ago

US Military Backs Research Into AI ‘Common Sense’

The Defence Department's Darpa agency wants machines that can adapt to their environment and are better at spotting counterfeit imagery

6 years ago

Facebook To Connect Human Brain To Computers

Because that's not concerning. Brain interface to allow humans to communicate with computers

7 years ago

US Military Looks To Blockchain To Secure Weapon Data And Nukes

Is Blockchain a possible solution for securing weapons data for the US military, including its nuclear capabilities?

8 years ago

NASA Selects Entry For DARPA Robotic Competition

With two possible entries for an upcoming robotic challenge, NASA opts for the more manoeuvrable machine

10 years ago

Google Acquires Robot Leader Boston Dynamics

The legendary DARPA contractor will become part of the new robotics unit led by Andy Rubin

11 years ago

DARPA Launches Cyber-Defence Automation Challenge

The research organisation of the US Department of Defence is offering a $2 million top prize to spur the development…

11 years ago

DARPA Develops Optical Fibre That’s 30 Percent Faster

The US military tech agency has created hollow core fibre with impressive properties

11 years ago

Internet Celebrates TCP/IP Birthday

Many happy re-transmits, to TCP/IP!

11 years ago

US Military Spurs Robotics Efficiency Efforts

The US Defence Department is looking to create robots that are up to 2,000 times more efficient than those in…

12 years ago

US Military Working On ‘Mobile Armour’ For Android

The US' DARPA military research agency has contracted security firm Invincea to create a secure version of Android for mobile…

12 years ago

Why Robot Swarms Look Set To Roam The Earth

In 25 years, swarm robots could do everything from taking out the garbage to cleaning your arteries, says Antonio Espingardeiro

12 years ago

DARPA Contest Seeks Robots Designed For Disaster Zones

US agency offers $2 million reward in robotics advancement program

12 years ago

DARPA Seeks Moore’s Law Extension

The US defence agency DARPA is proposing an initiative to tackle the Achilles Heel of today's computing technology

12 years ago

DARPA’s Resilient Cloud Will Withstand Cyber-Attacks

US Department of Defense plans a resilient cloud infrastructure that keeps running while under cyber-attack

13 years ago

Chip Start-Up Focuses On Probability Processing

Many now ubiquitous applications are not looking for the yes/no answers, but rather the best guess answer from among a…

14 years ago