Bitcoin Value Reaches $63,000 Record High

The value of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency continues to fluctuate, but has now surpassed $63,000 in value - in a new…

11 hours ago

Bitcoin Breaches $50,000 Barrier For First Time

Bitcoin, the world's biggest digital currency, continues to grow in value, after rising to a new record high over $50,000

2 months ago

Ten Hackers Arrested For $100m Cryptocurrency Theft

Criminal gang used 'sim swapping' technique to hijack phone numbers of famous online influencers, sport stars, and musicians

2 months ago

PayPal Opens Up To Cryptocurrencies

Popular online payments system PayPal announces entry into cryptocurrency market, in a move that may draw regulator scrutiny

6 months ago

Facebook Announces Libra Board, Amid Departures

Dead man walking? Libra announces board, despite being rocked by pull out by five major payments providers

2 years ago

Kik Messenger Developers To Close Popular Messaging App

Used by millions around the world, Kik Messenger is closing down as developers want to concentrate Kin cryptocurrency

2 years ago

UK Data Protection Watchdog Raises Facebook Libra Concern

Facebook's proposed digital currency faces calls for more information about how user data will be protected

2 years ago

FCA Expresses Concern At Lack Of Cryptocurrencies Safeguards

Financial Conduct Authority warns bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value

2 years ago

IMF Suggests Governments Set Up Own Cryptocurrencies

Fintech fantasy? Nation states should build their own digital currency to prevent its use by money launders and fraudsters

2 years ago

Bill Gates: Cryptocurrencies Have ‘Caused Deaths In A Fairly Direct Way’

Murder on the Bitcoin express? Microsoft co-founder Gates wades into cryptocurrency debate

3 years ago

Google Ads Targeted By Cryptomining Malvertising Attack

Google DoubleClick advertising network serves up ads that mine for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

3 years ago

Bank Consortium Develops Open Source Blockchain Platform

The consortium hopes to create an industry standard for the use of blockchain technology in the financial world

4 years ago

IBM Targets Public, Finance And Health Sectors With Secure Blockchain Platform

New framework will allow governments and big business to get to grips with blockchain technology securely

5 years ago

Barclays Backs Blockchain-Boosting Circle’s UK Launch

Social payment app Circle now supports pound sterling and deal with Barclays could spread blockchain technology in the UK

5 years ago

EU Plans Cryptocurrency Clampdown Following Paris Attacks

Bitcoin could come under scrutiny following concerns about terrorism funding

5 years ago