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Silicon In Focus Podcast: The Business Case for Mobile

Learn why your business should embrace more mobile devices to gain commercial advantages and an engaged workforce. We'll explore the…

3 months ago

The Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Workforce Management

What general impact has the pandemic had on workforce management? And how are businesses now using digital tools to manage…

2 years ago

The Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Beyond Productivity

As some workers move back to their offices, others will create a more hybrid way to work. Is this massive…

2 years ago

Salesforce Acquires Slack For $28 Billion For Workforce Collaboration

As the enterprise world adjusts to remote working, Salesforce pay $27.7 billion to acquire Slack for enhanced workplace collaboration

3 years ago


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a part of the tech landscape for over a decade. Thanks to COVID-19,…

4 years ago

COVID-19 And Your Quarantined Workforce

Remote working has now become a fact of life for many enterprises as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Is it possible…

4 years ago

Cisco, IBM To ‘Infuse’ Watson Into Cloud Collaboration Tools

Take a slice of cloud collaboration tools, add a dash of Watson, simmer gently for enhanced productivity

8 years ago

Apple Creates iOS “Fast Lane” With Cisco Partnership

Apple iOS business users will benefit from enhanced Cisco networks in voice and video

9 years ago