Bletchley Park

GCHQ Releases Unseen Photos Of WW2 Colossus Computer

Unseen pictures of Colossus, considered the world's first digital computer, released to public by UK intelligence agency

5 months ago

AI Safety Summit 2023: Who Is Attending Summit At Bletchley Park?

World's first AI summit begins at Bletchley Park, with PM Rishi Sunak, US Vice-President Kamala Harris, Elon Musk among those…

8 months ago

Bletchley Park To Host Global AI Safety Summit

Home of the UK's world war two codebreakers and the world's first programmable computer, is to host world's first AI…

10 months ago

Alan Turing £50 Bank Note Enters Circulation

New £50 polymer bank note bearing the photo of WW2 codebreaker and computing and AI pioneer Alan Turing enters circulation

3 years ago

Bletchley Park Financial Crisis Eases After Facebook’s £1m Donation

Jobs have been saved at the birthplace of modern computing Bletchley Park, after a much needed £1 million donation from…

4 years ago

Bletchley Park Faces Funding Crisis, Prepares To Axe Staff

World war 2 code breaking centre is facing a funding crisis due to Coronavirus pandemic, with third of workforce being…

4 years ago

VE Day 2020: Bletchley Park Reveals Last Decoded Nazi Message

Final encrypted message sent by Nazi military unit in the final days of the Second War World in Europe has…

4 years ago

Rare Video Of Bletchley Park Location During WW2 Emerges

Video footage of MI6 station Whaddon Hall, attached to the world famous code-breaking centre Bletchley Park, is released to the…

4 years ago

Bletchley Park Could Host Institute Of Technology

Plans submitted for tech teaching centre for 1,100 students on historic Bletchley Park site

5 years ago

Co-inventor Of Harwell Dekatron Computer Dies

Richard Barnes, co-creator of the world’s oldest working digital computer, has passed away

5 years ago

Enigma Codebreaking Bombe Moves To New Home

New gallery next door to Bletchley Park showcases the machine that helped cracked Hitler’s Enigma machine

6 years ago

Bletchley Park To Host ‘Codebreakers’ Cybersecurity School

Winston Churchill's top secret World War two installation to teach cybersecurity skills to next generation

8 years ago

Bletchley Park Museums Split By ‘Berlin Wall’ As Row Escalates

New fences are another sign of disunity at Bletchley Park, which houses the National Museum of Computing and its collection…

10 years ago

Colossus Computer Celebrates 70th Birthday

The world's first electronic computer, first put into operation 70 years ago, was used to crack German coded messages

10 years ago

Bletchley Park Trust Accused Of Isolating National Museum Of Computing

Bletchley Park Trust has been accused of freezing out the National Museum of Computing by excluding it from tours

10 years ago

McAfee Funds Security Exhibit At Bletchley Park

Alan Turing's wartime home gets an up-to-date security education workshop

11 years ago

Bletchley Park Appeal Raises Money With Electronic Music Album

Kraftwerk-style music album raises money for Bletchley Park computing museums

11 years ago

World’s Oldest Digital Computer Restored At National Museum Of Computing

The Harwell Dekatron (WITCH) goes on display after three year restoration project

12 years ago

Hague Announces Spook Apprenticeships At Bletchley Park

The Foreign secretary has used a visit to Bletchley Park to announce an apprenticeship scheme for the next generation of…

12 years ago

Bletchley Park Code Breaker Huts To Be Renovated

The trust responsible for the site has secured £7.4 million in funding

12 years ago

GCHQ Releases Two Secret Alan Turing Papers

Britain's top secret listening station, GCHQ, has released two mathematical papers written by codebreaker Alan Turing

12 years ago

Turing Pardon Rejected As Bletchley Park Turns To Finding Colossus Sponsors

Alan Turing's pardon has been rejected by the government. Bletchley Park seeks sponsors for a virtual rebuild of the historic…

12 years ago

Alan Turing Petition Seeks Official Pardon

However Turing supporters ask is a pardon right, for crimes comitted under an "awful" law?

13 years ago

World’s First Business Computer, LEO, Turns 60

The world's business computer from the food maker JD Lyons, dubbed LEO, is celebrating its 60th birthday

13 years ago

Street View Trike Captures Bletchley Park Images

Google has hosted a garden party and used its Street View cameras to raise funds for Bletchley Park

13 years ago

Queen Honours The Codebreaking World War Heroes

The Queen unveiled a memorial in Bletchley Park honouring those who played a great role in ending WWII

13 years ago

Tunny Machine Breaking Codes Again At Bletchley

Bletchley Park has rebuilt one of the machines that "read Hitler's mind", even though plans were flushed away

13 years ago

Turing Papers Saved for Bletchley Park

Lottery money is buying key papers of computing pioneer Alan Turing for the Bletchley Park museum

13 years ago

Bletchley Park To Host Pioneering EDSAC Computer

The EDSAC computer of Sir Maurice Wilkes will be rebuilt by the Computer Conservation Society at Bletchley Park

13 years ago

Fundraiser To Gift Turing’s Works To Bletchley Park

An appeal has been launched to buy a collection of published works by Alan Turing – arguably the father of…

14 years ago