Elon Musk Replies To Far Right User, After Reinstatement Of X Account

Far right activist has his X (Twitter) account restored by Elon Musk, who last week fired former CNN anchor Don…

3 months ago

Google To Cull Inactive Accounts At Year End

Search engine giant Google says it will begin to delete inactive accounts unused for more than two years, starting in…

1 year ago

Meta Creates New Virtual Reality Login System

U-turn for Meta's Facebook? New system for users logging into Meta's virtual reality headsets will be deployed from next month

2 years ago

Twitter To Supply Elon Musk With Bot Data – Report

Elon Musk will reportedly be given access to the raw daily data Twitter gathers, after he threatened to walk away…

2 years ago

Texas AG Investigates Twitter For ‘Deceptive Practices’ Over Bots

Republican attorney general of Texas starts investigation of Twitter, after Elon Musk's public complaints about bots and fake accounts

2 years ago

UK Google Accounts To Be Placed Under US Jurisdiction

Change of terms of service will see British Google accounts moved out from Irish (European Union) control and placed within…

4 years ago

Twitter ‘Pauses’ Massive Account Cull After Outcry

User backlash prompts Twitter to announce pause in its plans to delete millions of inactive accounts

5 years ago

Twitter Readies Cull Of Inactive Accounts

Inactive Twitter users have to log in to their account and agree to updated privacy policies before 11 December to…

5 years ago

Twitter ‘Accidentally Changes Users’ Passwords’

Emails were sent out mistakenly telling Twitter users to change their passwords

10 years ago

Apple And Amazon Up Their Security After Honan Hack

Password resets over the phone are stopped in the aftermath of the “epic hack”

12 years ago

Google Now Offers Account Activity Online Services Report

Google's Account Activity feature provides users with a password-protected record of their online transactions

12 years ago

Carbon Accounts Firms Update Software

Big firms like CA and SAP won't rule the carbon accounting world, as specialists add features

14 years ago