6 Top Tips For Implementing A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Joel Windels, VP of inbound marketing at Brandwatch, explains how any brand can nail its social media strategy

There’s no need for me to argue the value of social media for businesses. Every day, stories crop up about exciting new social channels and the brands that are using them effectively to engage their customers.

However, there are just as many stories about company blunders on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. So if you are putting together a social media marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the basics.

Whether you are promoting a large corporation or a small start-up, the following tips can help you to create and maintain a positive relationship with your target audience.

1. Pick your channel

First of all, think logically about which social media channels are the best for your business. If you are trying to reach consumers, Twitter and Instagram may be better channels for you. If your company is B2B focused, LinkedIn is where it’s at.

2. Don’t rely on an intern

The person, or team, you hire to implement your strategy, and measure the results, should be an experienced social media expert trained on how to use the specific channels that your company has chosen to utilise. Placing responsibility on the shoulders of an intern, or a member of staff with spare time but minimal experience, is not good enough. Once you have the right person in place, it is better for them to focus on building an effective social media strategy for a few channels, rather than spreading themselves too thinly. So be selective.