Microsoft: Wait For Windows 10 Creators Update Amidst User ‘Issues’

Windows 10 Creators Update

Users should wait until the update is automatically made available to them, warns Microsoft

Microsoft has admitted that there have been some “issues” with the rollout of the first phase of the Windows 10 Creators Update and has encouraged users with certain devices to wait for future updates to be made available

Microsoft had always planned to roll out the update in two phases, with the first targeting newer devices based on testing carried out with its OEM hardware and ISV app partners.

However, two weeks in and phase one isn’t going quite as smoothly as planned, as users who have tried to download the Creators Update manually through the software download site have run into some troubles.

Windows 10 Creators Update Edge

Creators Update

Users have been busy providing Microsoft with “valuable feedback on the update experience”, as well as using the Feedback Hub app to search for issues they may be experiencing and ‘upvoting’ specific problems.

Users can also set their diagnostic levels to “full” in the privacy settings to provide Microsoft with diagnostic data and help the company address issues faster.

“While it is fantastic to see all the positive feedback on the new features and update experience in the Creators Update, we actually focus more on the issues users are reporting so we can improve the overall experience over time,” Microsoft says.

It seems that certain devices are experiencing more issues with other, prompting Microsoft to block the availability of the update based on user impact until the problems have been addressed.

“During the time it takes to address an issue, we want to limit the number of customers exposed to that issue,” writes John Cable, Director of program management for Windows servicing and delivery in a blog post.

“For example, our feedback process identified a Bluetooth accessory connectivity issue with PCs that use a specific series of Broadcom radios, ultimately resulting in devices not reconnecting as expected.

“Once identified, we posted this issue to our Windows community forum, provided user guidance on troubleshooting, and blocked additional devices with these specific Bluetooth radios from updating. Once a solution is available, we will update our forum post and remove the block.”

In conclusion, Cable advises users to wait until the Creators Update is automatically offered to them to ensure that the device is eligible and fully compatible.

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