Windows 10 Creators Update Will Come To Mobile After PC

Windows 10 Creators Update

Sorry Windows phone users, you’ll have to wait to get your hands on Microsoft’s impending Windows 10 update

Microsoft has revealed that the release of its Windows 10 Creators Update will not be synchronised across devices and will arrive on PCs before mobile devices.

First announced in October with a vague launch window of early 2017, we now know that the release of the Creators Update ,codenamed “Redstone 2”,  is set for April after previously being pushed back from March.

Microsoft didn’t elaborate on a specific date for the update’s availability on mobile devices, instead saying that it will be “available thereafter” the desktop release.

Those still hanging on to Windows phones will be unhappy to hear that they’ll have to wait to get their hands on the update, but it makes sense for Microsoft to prioritise PCs given its dwindling influence in the smartphone arena.


Windows 10 update

The Creators Update has reportedly been feature-locked since January, with the remaining weeks before its launch set aside for bug fixing, performance improvements and adding any finishing touches.

3D support and mixed reality features are both likely to be included, building on Microsoft’s work with its HoloLens headset which was launched in Europe towards the end of 2016.

It is also set to include streamlined privacy controls through the addition of a web-based dashboard that gives users more control over the data shared with Microsoft.

Microsoft regularly collects data from Windows 10 users as a means of improving the way the OS performs, but it has been an area of concern for regulators  who have accused the company of collecting too much information.

The EU’s data protection authorities recently said they were “concerned” about the data collection practices built into Windows 10, following criticism from the likes of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and France’s CNIL.

Another major Windows 10 update has also been slated for later in the year, although Microsoft has so far remained tight lipped on features and exact rollout times.

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