Windows 10 Creators Update Brings Streamlined Privacy Controls

Redmond looks to give Windows 10 users more control over the diagnostic data it collects

Windows 10 is set to receive a raft of privacy tweaks through the addition of a web-based dashboard that gives users more control over the data shared with Microsoft.

Featuring in the Windows 10 Creators Update, the privacy dashboard will cover all of a users activity across their Microsoft products and services, including location, search and browsing data as well as information in the Cortana notebook.

Privacy patrol

Windows 10 Virtual desktop

Microsoft regularly collects data from Windows 10 users as a means of improving the way the operating system performs, is kept secure and to assess the feature the company thinks its users could benefit from.

“Microsoft collects data to help you do more. To do this, we use the data we collect to operate and improve our software, services and devices, provide you with personalised experiences, and help keep you safe,” said Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella.

However, with growing concerns over privacy and the collection of data denoting the web and computer based activities of individuals, Microsoft’s move to add new privacy controls over the data shared with it, aims to curtail some of the worry over big corporations snooping on the computing lives of workers and consumers.

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, users will be able to select either a basic or full level of data collection. The former setting means that only the bare minimum of information needed to keep Windows and its app secure, updated and running smoothly will be collected by the Redmond company.

The full setting adds more data into the mix, including browser, app and feature use, as well as data on typing, all of which aims to make it easier Microsoft to fix errors encountered by their users.

Windows 10 users will either be prompted to select a setting when they do a fresh install of Microsoft’s operating system, or if they are currently using it they will receive an notification prompting them to choose their privacy settings.

With the complexity around updating and changing data protection laws to reflect the more fluid information exchange brought on by the digital age, we are likely to see more technology companies offer up more privacy controls to their customers.

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