Tech Quiz Of The Week: Windows 10

Windows 10 received its first major update this week, but what do you know about the one operating system to rule them all?

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt at one operating system to rule them all, targeting PCs, smartphones, tablets and all manner of connected devices.

It was offered as a free upgrade to hundreds of millions Windows users around the world in an attempt to encourage adoption. A revamped Start Menu and interface, Cortana, and other features were promised to the unconverted.

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More systems on Windows 10 means more potential customers for its software and a greater audience for the developers Microsoft wants to attract to the platform.

The free upgrade offer has now come to an end and Microsoft has issued its first major update, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, so we thought it was time for you to see just how much you know about Microsoft’s latest operating system.

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