Quiz Of The Week: Tablets Of 2013

With Microsoft struggling and Apple snoozing, it’s been a good year for Android

So far, 2013 has been a good year for Android tablets and our new quiz will check if you’ve paying attention.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra (6)

Apple’s market share in tablets is definitely declining. Towards the end of 2012, it launched a fourth generation update to the product and introduced the iPad Mini. Neither were revolutionary, given the existence of Android tablets in all formats.

Come on Apple!

As we write, rumours are flying about the fifth generation iPad, which could be due to emerge next month. But it will have to stretch to match some of the functions of leading Android tablets such as the Sony Xperia range and the Galaxy Tab from Samsung  (which has spent much of the year fending off lawsuits from Apple).

Microsoft’s Surface got a lot of love for its nice design, but sales have been very poor – leading to lawsuits from disappointed partners.

All of which means the Androids have the field, and they are making good use of it with a variety of devices, from the very low end to high-spec machines, and including hybrid devicse which think they are phones, as well as wannabe laptops.

Have you been taking the tablets?

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