Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Rushed To Hospital

Image credit: Steve Wozniak/Woz-U

Health concerns for Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, after reports of him being rushed to hospital with possible stroke

Steve Wozniak on Wednesday has been hospitalised in Mexico City, prompting concern over the health of the Apple co-founder.

Reuters, citing Mexican media outlets, reported that there are fears that Wozniak suffered a stroke after he reportedly fell down, although there is no official update about his status at the time of writing.


73 year old Steve Wozniak, known in tech circles simply as “Woz”, was in Mexico City attending the World Business Forum (WBF) where he was to give a speech.

Image credit: Steve Wozniak/Efforce
Image credit: Steve Wozniak/Efforce

Steve Wozniak

Reuters quoted TMZ, citing sources with direct knowledge, that reported that Wozniak had finished his speech at the business conference, but then told his wife he was “feeling strange”.

She reportedly insisted he go to the hospital.

The TMZ report said Wozniak may have suffered vertigo.

However CNN reported that Wozniak was taken to the hospital at 3pm local time after fainting minutes before his participation at the event.

Wozniak has continued to be active in the tech space. In May this year for example, he had warned artificial intelligence (AI) could make it more difficult to spot scams and misinformation.

He told the BBC he feared the technology would be used by “bad actors” and that AI-generated content should be clearly labelled.

Wozniak said regulation was necessary for the sector, but expressed doubt that it would be effective.

In March he signed a letter along with Elon Musk and others calling for a pause in the development and training of the most powerful AIs to allow society to catch up.

Steve Jobs

Apple had been founded on 1 April 1976, by college dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs died in October 2011, aged just 56 years old, after a protracted eight-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

Jobs had been in failing health since being diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and underwent a liver transplant in 2009.

Jobs stepped down as CEO on 24 August 2011, and COO Tim Cook then took his place as the head of Apple.

Tim Cook remains in the position to this day.

Jobs and Wozniak had in the span of one generation changed the way the world processes personal information, using a combination of Jobs’ innovative ideas and marketing capabilities, and Wozniak’s engineering skills.

Their business pioneered personal computing and went on to be the world’s most valuable company.