Quiz Of The Week: CeBIT 2013 Thrills


CeBIT 2013 has been quite a show. Our quiz celebrates it in all its glory

CeBIT 2013 has begun this week – and we’ve been watching. Here is our quiz to accompany the show!

CeBIT is the world’s biggest and most international tech expo  – though the number of visitors has been in decline for some time. Despite this, the show has seen some revolutionary ideas, and many politically-technological announcements over the years – with this year’s grand coalition for tech skills one of the most striking.

Give my regards to CeBIT CeBIT hannover flags fairl © Claudiu Patt Shutterstcok

CeBIT emerged from the giant Hannover Messe trade fair – which started in Hanover almost as soon as the Second World War finished. It has become a huge event, where exhibitors compete to outdo each other – although a large part of the competition these days seems to be in providing robots to entertain the visitors by performing activities such as singing and acting.

Our quiz charts the highlights of the show’s history, and some of the strangest exhibits. On Tuesday, we have boosted it with bonus questions from this year’s event, giving you experience which would enhance any visit – and possibly provide enough of the CeBIT goodness to altogether replace a trip to the actual show.

For the true CeBIT fan, it is a show with many layers.

There are national stands, and halls dedicated to sectors such as mobility and the cloud. There are awards – including one for environmental technologies – and there are the international partners (this year it’s the turn of Poland).

And then there are the singing robots, of course.

Try our CeBIT quiz!

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