Quiz Of The Week: Apple iPad

With new iPads approaching, it’s time to refresh your knowledge with our quiz!

The iPad has come a long way since Steve Jobs held one up like Moses in a wilderness at the Yerba Buena conference centre a few short years ago. Today’s versions are slimmer, lighter – and still retain a solid grip on the top end of the tablet market.

With two sizes on the market, Apple’s iPad is fighting a strong defensive action against upstart Android devices. Our quiz sticks to the Apple tablet family, and its progress since its first appearance was greeted with adulation and surprise.

iPad Mini Lead

Tablet revolution

The idea of tablet computers was not new – Microsoft had promoted them nearly ten years before – but Apple’s typically thorough product development and marketing turned the tablet into something which everyone wanted to have and all developers wanted to develop for.

Our quiz checks the specifications of the latest iPads against the very first ones, and looks at some of the places the tablets have been since they first appeared.

There’s also a quick look at the underlying technology of a device which has quickly won a place in popular culture.

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iPad Air and iPad Mini 2

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iPad Air