Apple Plans iPhone 5S For August, New iPad in April – Report

New report suggests that Apple is preparing to refresh its product line in 2013

Apple is planning to release the iPhone 5S this summer, possibily in August, as well as two new versions of its market-leading iPad tablet, according to a report.

iMore sys that the iPhone 5S will be an incremental improvement on the iPhone 5, boasting the same basic design as its predecessor, but with a more advanced processor and improved camera. This would appear to be the template used by Apple when it created the iPhone 4S in 2011.

It is unclear whether the iPhone 5S is the product at the heart of all the recent iPhone Mini speculation. CEO Tim Cook has hinted that the company could be ready to release a less expensive smartphone, but that it might not necessarily be a cheaper version of its current flagship.

iPhone 5S on the way

iPad Mini LeadHowever he also suggested that this could be an entirely new product rather than simply a cheaper version of the iPhone.

Apple is also apparently planning new versions of both the iPad and the iPad Mini, which could debut as early as April, despite the most recent iterations only hitting the market last November.

A retina display for the iPad Mini appears to be out of the question at this stage, but since Apple is unlikely to release a tablet that costs more than the existing model, it is expected that the iPad Mini 2 will have higher specifications or another new feature.

Cook confirmed at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting that the company was working on new products, but did not reveal any details, something that is unlikely to ease investors’ concerns over Apple’s future plans. The company’s next major product is widely believed to be a smart watch, possibly called the iWatch.

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