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Apple is discontinuing the iPhone 5 in favour of the new iPhone 5C, but do TechWeek readers think this is the right decision?

Earlier this week, Apple announced it was retiring the iPhone 5 in favour of two new models – the new flagship iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone 5C.

While the iPhone 5S is merely an evolution of the main iPhone line, the 5C marks the beginning of a different strategy for Apple as it seeks to prevent Android manufacturers like Samsung taking away more of its market share by offering a “mid-range” device..

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iPhone 5C (1)Previously, it has sought to increase sales in the upper mid-range by discounting its older models, fearing that by creating a less expensive iPhone, it will cannibalise sales of its main smartphone, lowering its desirability and endangering its profit margins.

The iPhone 5C is widely believed to reflect Apple’s view that consumers want new hardware, not recycled hand-me-downs. It is sufficiently different from the iPhone 5S, boasting an “unashamedly plastic” exterior available in a rainbow of colours, while at the same time boasting the same technology used in the iPhone 5.

But was Apple right to discontinue the iPhone 5? Would you rather have an older model than a brand new plastic smartphone? Or would you rather not have an iPhone at all?

You can let us know your views by answering our poll below.

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Given the choice, which would you prefer?

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