Apple Releases 8GB iPhone 5C In UK

8Gb version of iPhone 5C reaches UK operators, but don’t expect it to be a cheap option

Apple has launched an 8GB version of the iPhone 5C in the UK as it seeks to broaden the appeal of its second-tier smartphone, although it will cost a not-insignificant £409.99 without a contract in the UK.

The handset is currently being offered by EE, O2 and Vodafone, while Three has also confirmed to TechWeekEurope that it will be stocking the device.

The iPhone 5C launched last September alongside the iPhone 5S in 16GB and 32GB variations – the first time Apple has ever launched two models at the same time – as part of a twin-device strategy to capture a slightly lower segment of the smartphone market.

iPhone 5C 8GB

iPhone 5C (1)However the comparatively steep price tag, which is not too much cheaper than the iPhone 5S, has been seen by many observers as too much for a phone which is powered by the same hardware as the 18-month old iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S has outsold the 5C in the UK to the tune of three to one, but analysts have said the cheaper handset has made some gains and has been particularly successful in encouraging users to switch from brands such as Samsung and LG.

TechWeekEurope reader are unconvinced by the iPhone 5C, but researchers have backed Apple’s strategy and have provided evidence that the cheaper handset is not cannibalising sales of the iPhone 5S.

Such fears were one of the reasons that Apple had been reluctant to launch a cheaper phone as it wanted to protect the high profit margins of its flagship device.

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