Prize Quiz: Win An iPad Air

How much do you want an iPad Air? Alongside this week’s quiz, we give you the chance to win one.

The latest entry into Apple’s market-leading tablet range, the iPad Air, was released last month, giving the public plenty of time to get their hands on one in time for Christmas.

The new iPad is the fifth major revision of the range since it debuted nearly four years ago, and is thinner, lighter and faster than previous generations, making it a powerful and compact device for consuming and creating content.

iPad Air quiz

iPad Air (11)Tablets are set to be popular gifts underneath the Christmas tree this year, with demand for touchscreen devices expected to drive consumer spending before the 25 December.

The iPad Air is of course firmly at the top end of the market, the star atop the tree if you will, and we want to help you out by offering one 16GB version to a lucky reader, courtesy of eBuyer’s Twelve Days of Christmas, which will see fantastic prizes given away every day from 1 to 12 December.

All you have to do is enter our competition and complete our iPad quiz before midnight on Friday 20 December and you could have a chance of winning one of this year’s must-have gadgets.

You don’t need to get full marks on the quiz to win (We’ve made it as difficult as any other of our fabulous quizzes), but if you’re already interested in the iPad Air, you’ll probably do well.

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