iOS 6 Arrives On 19 September With UK Turn-By Turn Navigation

The UK will receive nearly all of the local features in iOS 6, including a UK-optimised Siri

Apple has confirmed that most of the new features included in the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6, will be coming to the UK when it is rolled out next week.

During last night’s unveiling of the iPhone 5, the Cupertino-based company revealed that the software would be rolled out to compatible iDevices from 19 September and showed off many of the upgrades running on its new flagship smartphone. However t it was unclear just how many would find their way across the Atlantic.

iOS 6 Features

As relations between the two mobile rivals sour, Apple has ditched Google Maps (as used on Android devices)  in favour of its own mapping application. The UK will receive a number of localised features, including turn-by-turn navigation, directions and traffic information but it will not get 3D buildings, which is a US only feature.

iOS 6 will bring a host of improvements to Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant software. First introduced in the iPhone 4S, Siri has been criticised for being too US-focused and not recognising British accents.

However British users will now have access to local searches, restaurant information, movie showings and even the latest sports scores and news. All of this should make Siri a far more useful proposition this time round.

The UK will receive nearly all of the other new features of iOS 6, including a new Passbook application to store things like e-tickets and boarding passes, closer Facebook and Twitter integration and cloud tab saving in Safari. The iPhone 5 will hit shelves on 21 September and boasts a larger screen, support for EE’s new UK 4G network and a brand new eight-pin connector.

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