Half Of TechWeek Readers Use Tablets In The Workplace

TechWeek readers are divided on tablet use, but more than half use tablets and a third use an iPad

Just under a third of TechWeekEurope readers use an iPad in their workplace, with more than half using a tablet of any description, according to the result of our latest poll.

We asked you whether you used one of Apple’s tablets for work following the launch of the iPad Air last month.

Microsoft claims that its Surface 2 is the most productive tablet for the enterprise, but 30.1 percent of you disagree, with 11.6 percent of you using a company-issued iPad and 18.5 percent saying they use their own iPad, suggesting that BYOD is catching on among businesses.

Do you iPad?

iPad Poll ChartBut it appears as though not only Apple is benefiting from the increased penetration of tablets in the workplace as 21.5 percent of respondents say they use another tablet – possibly a Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab or even a Windows 8-based device perhaps?

However 48.4 percent say they do not currently use a tablet at work, proving that despite all the doomsday warnings for the PC market, there appears to still be a place in the enterprise for the humble desktop (or laptop).

This could change next year as Windows 8, which is designed for both tablets and desktops, increases its market share among businesses, although many companies plan to skip the platform as they continue their migration to Windows 7.

But given that tablets are likely to be a popular gift choice this Christmas and that BYOD policies are becoming more commonplace, we wonder if TechWeek readers will be less polarised the next time we ask the tablet question.

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