Google Retail Stores Could Open In US

Stores aim to emulate success of Apple and showcase Google products

Google is reportedly advancing with plans to open a number of retail stores in the US, following in the footsteps of Apple and Microsoft which both have a physical presence.

Apple in particular has been cited as an inspiration for the move as it currently owns 400 outlets worldwide, generating $10 billion (£6.5 million) in sales. Its stores have been seen as a big factor in the success of the iPhone and iPad.

Google retail stores

ChromeZoneThe idea of opening Google retail stores has long been debated within the tech giant’s offices, ever since it moved into mobile devices. It is not clear how many stores would be opened or where they would be located and they might not even open before the end of 2013, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The stores would showcase Google products like the Google Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus-branded smartphones as well as other Android products and Chromebook laptops. It is possible they could also stock devices from Google-owned Motorola, although Google is apparently keen not to appear as though it is favouring Motorola over other Android manufacturers.

Google has previously had dedicated areas in a number of US retailers such as Best Buy as well as stores in the UK. It opened a Chromezone at the Tottenham Court Road branch of PC World in October 2011, which displayed a number of Chromebooks and accessories, with specially-trained experts on hand to offer guidance and advice to shoppers.

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