£1bn Google Kings Cross HQ To Open In 2016

google London headquarters building

Google buys 2.7 acres of King’s Cross for its new London headquarters

Construction of the new Google Kings Cross headquarters in London is set to begin at the end of 2013 and could end up being worth as much as £1 billion upon completion.

google kings cross building detailThe company has purchases a 2.4 acre plot at the 67 acre Kings Cross Central development, based at a former fish, coal and grain goods yard. Owning its own headquarters abroad is a recent development for the firm. It has traditionally leased its overseas offices but in the past two years has purchased buildings in Paris and Dublin.

Google Kings Cross HQ

The search giant is reportedly investing £650 million to build and develop the site, which will be built by the Kings Cross Central Limited Partnership. The one million square foot building will be between seven and 11 storeys high, with construction due to be completed in 2016.


The building will be constructed on a narrow strip next to the Cambridge shuttle lines from Kings Cross, – just above centre in this detail from the architects’ plans.  A recent aerial photo of the site is shown here also.

google kings cross site recent photo

As first reported in October, Google will then move from its existing offices in Victoria and Holborn. Google also has a ten year lease on a building in London’s Tech City.

Google’s new neighbours will include BNP Paribas and a cultural and education centre managed by Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims.

Google has come under criticism from MPs in the UK for its tax arrangements, which have been labelled “immoral” by some members of the Public Accounts Committee. Google says that the economic value of the company services derives from the work of its 17,000 engineers in California, but admitted that it chose Ireland as its European base because of the favourable corporation tax rates.

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