Do Not Disturb Bug Bothers iPhone Owners

Apple has another problem to deal with in iOS 6

iPhone and iPad users are getting in a tizz about a bug affecting the Do Not Disturb function in iOS 6, meaning some are missing calls when they don’t want to.

The issue does not appear to have hit all iPhone users, but only a number of those running iOS 6. It means the Do Not Disturb feature, which allows users to decide who can contact them during their quiet time, won’t turn on or off when asked.

Problems emerged yesterday but have continued to bother people today, and Apple has yet to issue an announcement.

Do Not Disturb disruption

Yet some have suggested the way to fix the problem is follow the advice of the basement team from TV’s IT Crowd – turn it on and off again. However, that hasn’t fixed the issue for everyone.

This isn’t the first notable issue Apple has had with iOS 6. In one of its most ignominious periods to date, the Cupertino giant was lambasted for releasing a maps application that was replete with inaccuracies.

Having cut ties with Google, Apple was forced into backpedalling, telling users to use other vendors’ mapping products.

It isn’t Apple’s first issue with timing functionality either. Exactly one year ago, Apple was lambasted by angry iPhone users, after their alarms failed to go off on 1 and 2 January.

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