Apple To Replace Wi-Fi-Challenged iPads

Apple instructs staff to ‘capture’ affected tablets for examination

Apple will replace new iPads if they are found to have hardware issues that affect the tablet’s Wi-Fi functionality.

Users have complained about a number of connectivity issues since the new iPad was launched last month, forcing Apple to admit that there is a problem, according to 9to5Mac.

Capture the device

Issues reported have ranged from drops in connection, slow download and upload speeds, and an inability to connect to local W-Fi networks. Some users have reported that signal is much weaker than that of an adjacent laptop, while others have said that if the iPad is held at the bottom corners, the problem gets worse.

Complaints have been made on the Apple forums with most believing that the issues were hardware related, but others suggested that dual-band routers or software was to blame.

However, Apple has noted the issues and told its Apple Care employees to “capture” or immediately pack up affected devices and their accessories, before sending them to its engineering centres for examination. Users will receive a replacement for their units.

The company told staff that “symptoms can include, but are not limited to: intermittent connectivity, slow Wi-Fi speeds, and Wi-Fi network not seen.” It also instructed employees to ensure that the devices they were testing were not facing these issues due to normal software bugs but because of hardware components.

Interestingly, the problems didn’t affect the 4G + LTE models, just the Wi-Fi only edition of the device. It has also been reported that the new iPad operates at a higher temperature than its predecessor.

The problems are reminiscent of the antenna issues suffered by early adopters of the iPhone 4 that caused former CEO Steve Jobs to suggest that they be solved by holding the phone differently.

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