Humans Needed To Avoid Cybersecurity Missteps, Gartner Says

Gartner identifies top cybersecurity trends for 2023, and says organisations need to adopt a human-centric focus to avoid cyber failures

1 year ago

Cisco Poised For ‘Internet of Things’ Says John Chambers

The boss of Cisco has highlighted the importance of the channel for trends like the 'Internet of Things' and SDN

11 years ago

Survey Says UK Businesses Must Embrace Social Media

Reluctant UK companies must cave to pressure and opt-in as social media blossoms in 2012, says KPMG

12 years ago

Data Grows Apace As We Look At 2010 Storage Trends

The most significant trend continues unabated: the mounting deluge of newly created and duplicated files

13 years ago

Twitter Denies De-Trending WikiLeaks As Visa Takes A Pasting

Twitter has stated it is not blocking Wikileaks from its Trends list. Elsewhere the DDoS attacks continue

13 years ago