trade war

Huawei Completes Massive $1.4bn R&D Campus With ‘100 Cafes’

Huawei Technologies completes work on massive centralised R&D campus as it seeks to develop domestic chip technologies

3 days ago

EU, China Agree To Talks Over Planned EV Tariffs

EU, China hold talks and agree to further negotiations as bloc plans tariffs up to 38 percent on Chinese electric…

3 weeks ago

Elon Musk Disagrees With US Tariffs On Chinese EVs

Tesla's Elon Musk confirms opposition to the Biden Administration's implementation of 100 percent tariffs on Chinese EVs

2 months ago

EU Widens Investigations Into Chinese Imports, Subsidies

After the United States imposes 100 percent tariffs on certain Chinese goods, Europe widens its investigations into Chinese goods

2 months ago

Biden Administration Imposes 100 Percent Tariff On Chinese EVs

Electric vehicles made in China are now subject to a 100 percent tariff, to protect US manufacturers from cheap imports

2 months ago

China Still Acquiring Chip-making Equipment, Despite US Ban

Report finds Chinese companies, despite White House ban, are still purchasing US chip-making equipment for advanced semiconductors

8 months ago

China Lashes Out As US Tightens Chip Export Controls

Trade war intensifies, as Beijing lashes out at toughens export controls from US. Nvidia confirms new rules will impact AI…

9 months ago

US Cuts China Off From AI Chips, As Export Controls Tightened

Beijing reacts with anger, as United States and President Biden tighten export controls to China for advanced computer chips

9 months ago

Apple iPhone Ousted As Top Ranking Mobile In China – Report

Analyst report says Huawei has replaced Apple iPhone as smartphone leader in China, despite iPhone 15 launch

9 months ago

US Warns China Of Update To Chip Export Controls

Biden administration not blinking first, as Beijing is warned by US of imminent update to export rules on AI chips…

10 months ago

US Government To Investigate Hauwei Breakthrough Phone

American officials are seeking more information, after teardown of new Hauwei smartphone revealed shocking discovery

11 months ago

China Bans Government Officials From Using Apple iPhones – Report

Tensions with China continue to ramp up after Beijing reportedly bans government officials from using iPhones for work

11 months ago

China To Launch $40 Billion State Chip Fund – Report

Sanctions response. New state-backed investment fund is to be launched that seeks to raise $40 billion for China's semiconductor sector

11 months ago

Intel Purchase Of Tower Semiconductor Terminated, China Blamed

Intel's proposed acquisition of Tower Semiconductor for $5.4bn terminated after China failed to approve the deal

11 months ago

UK, EU, Mull Tighter China Controls After New US Restriction

Will they follow? Both the United Kingdom and European Union to consider new US investment ban in China for 'sensitive…

11 months ago

China Releases Open Source Operating System

First home grown open source operating system released by China, amid escalating trade war with the US and the West

1 year ago

Chinese Chip Material Export Retaliation ‘Just A Start’

Trade war escalation. Chinese trade policy advisor warns Beijing's export restrictions on gallium and germanium are “just a start”

1 year ago

Netherlands Blocks More Chip Equipment Sales To China

Netherlands introduces further chip equipment export restrictions ahead of expected tightening of US rules, as allies target China

1 year ago

China Launches Supply Chain Expo Amidst US Pressure

China to host world's first national supply chain expo in Beijing in November as US and allies introduce chip sanctions

1 year ago

Tesla To Build Major Battery Plant In Shanghai

Tesla to build second plant for large-scale 'Megapack' batteries in Shanghai, supplementing production of California factory

1 year ago

Huawei ‘Replaced 13,000 Components’ After Sanctions

Huawei has replaced more than 13,000 components with locally made Chinese parts in past three years due to US sanctions,…

1 year ago

US ‘Stops Providing’ Huawei Export Licences

US Commerce Department reportedly stops providing export licences for Huawei, in move that could have dire consequences for Chinese firm

1 year ago

Blacklisted China Chip Giant YMTC Cuts ‘Hundreds’ Of Staff

Chinese memory giant YMTC reportedly cutting up to 10 percent of workforce after being placed on US Entity List in…

1 year ago

China Chip Imports Sink As US Controls Bite

China's imports of semiconductors declined for the first ten months of the year as new US export restrictions take effect

2 years ago

Apple Halts Plans To Use Chinese Memory Chips

Apple suspends plans to use memory chips from China's YMTC in iPhones after firm hit with sweeping US trade sanctions

2 years ago

Xi Calls For China To ‘Win Battle’ On Core Tech

China president Xi Jinping calls for country to 'win the battle' on core tech after US imposes sweeping trade restrictions

2 years ago

US To Clarify AI Chip Export Restrictions ‘Soon’

White House official says US planning to clarify China export restrictions on AI chips from Nvidia, others 'relatively soon'

2 years ago

Alibaba Will ‘Strive’ To Maintain New York Listing

Alibaba says it will 'strive' to maintain its New York Stock Exchange listing after SEC adds it to list of…

2 years ago

China Unicom Latest To Be Banned Over National Security

The US FCC regulator revokes US licence of China Unicom after 20 years of operating in America, citing national security…

2 years ago

US Adds Drone Maker DJI To Investment Blacklist

US Treasury adds Chinese drone giant DJI to financial blacklist, prohibiting investors from owning shares, as trade war with China…

3 years ago