subsea cable

President Biden To Plug US Data Transfers To China, Russia Etc

US President issues executive order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data from being transferred to hostile nation states

4 months ago

World’s Longest Subsea Cable, 2Africa, Lands In South Africa

Expanding global connectivity. 2Africa cable consortium includes MTN GlobalConnect, Meta Platforms, Vodafone and others

2 years ago

Shetland Isles Reconnected After Subsea Cables Repaired

Connectivity with the British mainland restored for the Shetland and Faroe Isles, after damage last week to two subsea cables

2 years ago

Major Incident Declared As Shetland Loses Internet

Police declare major incident, as damage to subsea cable cuts Shetland's communications including phones, internet off from British mainland

2 years ago

TeleGeography’s Updated Subsea Cable Map Shows Tech Influence

Updated map of world's undersea cables by TeleGeography shows growing engineering infrastructure capabilities of tech firms

3 years ago

Microsoft Raises Orkney Undersea Data Centre

Up she rises! Microsoft’s moonshot project to build more environmentally sustainable data centres under the ocean is deemed successful

4 years ago

Pacific Undersea Cable Drops Hong Kong, Amid National Security Concerns

Google and Facebook's Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) cable will not be activated in Hong Kong, after security law and…

4 years ago

Google ‘Grace Hopper’ Subsea Cable To Link US, UK, And Spain

New subsea cable from Google named after pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper and will run from New York to Bude…

4 years ago

US Government To Reject Pacific Undersea Cable – Report

Undersea cable funded by Google and Facebook, connecting Los Angeles to Hong Kong, is to be blocked by US over…

4 years ago

Google Transatlantic Cable Transmits 250TB/s Of Data

More speed vicar? Google Cloud customers in European to gain boost from undersea cable to US capable of carrying 250TB…

5 years ago

Facebook, Amazon Pump Cash Into NTT’s Trans Pacific Cable

Jupiter cable to stretch 8,700 miles between Asia and US and will carry 60Tbps of data per second

7 years ago

The Equinix Express: London To New York In 30 Milliseconds

Hibernia Subsea cable route boats round trip latency of just under 60ms as Equinix's NY4 and LD4 data centres get…

9 years ago

Huawei Marine Gives UK-South Africa Subsea Cable A 100Gbps Upgrade

Huawei Marine upgrades two sections of West Africa Cable System (WACS), creating one of the longest 100Gbps submarine links in…

9 years ago