Musk’s Neuralink Conducts First Human Brain Implant

Elon Musk's Neuralink implants device into human brain for first time as it seeks to aid those with paralysis

3 months ago

AI Challenges Notion That All Fingerprints Are Unique

Researchers find AI can match prints from different fingers of same person with high degree of accuracy, challenging core tenet…

3 months ago

NASA ‘To Push Back Artemis Moon Missions’

NASA reportedly preparing to delay Artemis missions to Moon as private contractors encounter mounting technical problems

3 months ago

Superconductor Claim Labelled ‘Baseless’ By South Korea Experts

'Breakthrough' claim by South Korean researchers of a room-temperature superconductor dismissed by reviewing experts

4 months ago

Russia’s First Moon Mission In Decades Ends In Failure

Russia's first Moon mission since 1976 ends in failure as spacecraft spins out of control and crashes into lunar surface

8 months ago

Russia To Launch First Moon Mission Since 1976

Russia set to launch first lunar lander mission since 1976 this week as it targets south pole water exploration

9 months ago

Toyota Looks To Lunar Water To Power Manned Moon Vehicle

Toyota building Lunar Cruiser manned moon vehicle with regenerative fuel cell that produces electricity from sunlight and lunar water

9 months ago

India Launches Chandrayaan-3 Lunar Landing Mission

India's ISRO launches Chandrayaan-3 mission to put lander and rover on Moon's south pole, following failed 2019 attempt

9 months ago

China ‘To Put Humans On Moon’ By 2030

China confirms objective to put humans on Moon by 2030 as it presents increasingly direct competition to US space programme

11 months ago

Japan Start-Up iSpace Prepares First Commercial Moon Landing

Japanese start-up ispace prepares to attempt first-ever commercial lunar landing on Tuesday with M1 mission

12 months ago

SpaceX Postpones Starship Launch, Citing Technical Glitch

SpaceX cancels test-launch of massive Starship vehicle after identifying malfunctioning pressurant valve, may retry this week

1 year ago

SpaceX Prepares To Launch Most Powerful Rocket Ever Made

SpaceX prepares to test-launch Starship rocket with Super Heavy booster, delivering nearly twice the power of NASA's SLS

1 year ago

SpaceX May Attempt Starship Launch In March

Elon Musk says first SpaceX Starship orbital launch may take place in March as company seeks critical test of long-range…

1 year ago

First-Ever UK Satellite Launch Ends In Failure

First-ever satellite launch from UK soil ends in failure after 'anomaly' affects Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket

1 year ago

Artemis I Mission Arrives At Moon

NASA's Artemis I mission successfully delivers unmanned Orion capsule into proximity with Moon in landmark technology test

1 year ago

SpaceX Assembles Biggest Rocket Ever Constructed

SpaceX Super Heavy booster and Starship vehicle combine to make tallest rocket ever constructed, as company plans manned voyages to…

3 years ago

China’s Zhurong Rover Takes Selfie On Martian Surface

China's Mars rover, Zhurong, takes self-portrait as it explores Utopia Planitia region of Red Planet at same time as NASA's…

3 years ago

US Bill Would Create White House ‘Chief Manufacturing Officer’

US Senate drafts bill worth $110bn that would create White House-level manufacturing chief to build up supply chain resiliency, counter…

3 years ago

SpaceX Launches Third Crewed Flight Into Orbit

SpaceX's third-ever crewed flight reuses both Crew Dragon capsule 'Endeavour' and Falcon 9 booster, in a first for company

3 years ago

Google Machine Learning Technology Helps NASA Discover New Exoplanet

Machine Learning technology powering many of Google's apps and services finds a new use helping astrophysicists find new planets orbiting…

6 years ago

Scientists Develop Lithium Batteries Without Fire Risk

No more exploding batteries? Researchers develop water-based Lithium batteries to reduce chance of fire

7 years ago

IT Exam Results Raise Fears Over Growing IT Gender Gap

The number of females taking IT-related courses dropped and the gap between males and females widened in this year's GCSEs…

7 years ago

HPE Supercomputer Is Big Step Towards Building Tech For Mission To Mars

HPE and NASA hope Spaceborne computer will work in space for a whole year, paving the way for long range…

7 years ago

Cybersecurity Researchers Implant Malware Into DNA Strand

US researchers embed malware into DNA, in order to hack DNA sequencing software. But it won't be a threat for…

7 years ago

First Mac Malware ‘Fruitfly’ Of The Year Uses Decades-Old Code

The Fruitfly Mac malware, which targets biomedical research institutions, uses code that dates back to the 1990s

7 years ago

How Big Data Punks Are Changing The World With SKA Radio Telescope

The world's largest radio telescope will generate an unprecedented amount of data

7 years ago

Uber Starts Self-Driving Car Rides As Volvo Becomes Autonomous Partner

Uber strikes $300m (£228m) deal with Volvo, will start driving passengers with autonomous vehicles in 'next few weeks'

8 years ago

Ford Plans Self-Driving Cars By 2021

Ford's autonomous car fleet will be sold to ride-sharing companies such as Uber

8 years ago

IBM Drives Nanoscale Cancer Detection With Lab-On-A-Chip Breakthrough

IBM scientists develop new lab-on-a-chip technology that can, for the first time, separate biological particles at the nanoscale

8 years ago

As UK Reports More Zika Cases, IBM Offers Up Free Technology To Fight Virus

IBM gives Brazilian scientists free access to supercomputer and dishes out detailed weather forecasts to UNICEF

8 years ago