US Probe Of Waymo Uncovers More Incidents – Report

NHTSA says its investigation of Waymo self-driving vehicles has uncovered more incidents that raise concerns

4 days ago

Tesla Ordered To Provide NHTSA With Autopilot Recall Data

US agency seeks data from Tesla on Autopilot recall, amid reports US prosecutors are probing possible securities or wire fraud

3 weeks ago

Waymo Recalls Hundreds Of Vehicles Over Software Error

Self-driving Waymo vehicles recalled, after two minor collisions in Phoenix, and one vehicle being set on fire in San Fran

3 months ago

Tesla Recalls Two Million Cars As Regulator Flags Autopilot Risk

Elon Musk's Tesla is to recall nearly every vehicle sold in the United States, after two-year NHTSA investigation

6 months ago

Tesla Recalls 362,758 Cars, Warns FSD May Cause Crashes

Elon Musk's Tesla admits Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software may cause crashes, issues recall for 362,758 vehicles

1 year ago

Tesla To Recall 80,000 Cars In China

More recalls for Tesla, but this time in China as 80,000 vehicles recalled over seatbelt and software issues

1 year ago

Tesla Issues 322,000 Vehicle Recall In US

Texas-based EV maker instructed to recall more than 300,000 vehicles in US over potential problems with rear lights

2 years ago

Tesla Recalls 40,000 US Cars Over Power Steering Problem

Tesla confirms voluntarily recall of 40,000 plus vehicles in the US after firmware update may result in power steering loss

2 years ago

Tesla Recalls 1.1 Million Vehicles Over Window Closing Issue

Injury risk with automatic window reversal system sees Tesla recall nearly 1.1 million vehicles in the United States

2 years ago

GM’s Cruise Recalls Self-Driving Software After Crash

Cruise issues recall and update for software in 80 self-driving vehicles after crash in San Francisco leaves two people injured

2 years ago

Fitbit Recalls Ionic Smartwatches Over Burn Risk

Google-owned Fitbit recalls more than a million Ionix smartwatches, after burn injuries from overheating lithium-ion battery

2 years ago

Tesla Recalls 817,000 Vehicles Over Seatbelt Reminder

Why no recalls elsewhere? Tesla is recalling more than 817,000 vehicles in the United States - this time concerning a…

2 years ago

Tesla Recalls Half A Million Cars Over Safety Issues

More than 475,000 Model 3 and Model S electric cars being recalled by Tesla over rearview camera and front bonnet…

2 years ago

Tesla Recalls 12,000 US Cars Over Software Glitch

NHTSA confirms Tesla is recalling 12,000 vehicles in the US over a 'software communication error' involving its FSD beta program

3 years ago

US Watchdog Asks Tesla Why No Recall Over Autopilot Change

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration questions lack of recall of Tesla's Autopilot, amid official investigation of the driver assistance system

3 years ago

Facebook Pauses Sales Of Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Over Skin Complaints

Temporary pause of sales of the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, after issues with a foam pad causing skin…

3 years ago

Tesla Recalls Cars, And Confirms Battery Deal With Australia

Electric car giant recalls 6,000 cars in the United States, and confirms $1 billion a year battery material purchase from…

3 years ago

Mercedes Recalls Millions Of Cars Over Software Bug

Recall for more than a million Mercedes cars, concerning a call location glitch that is supposed to alert the emergency…

3 years ago

Tesla To Recall 135,000 Vehicles In US

World's most valuable car maker Tesla is to recall over one hundred thousand vehicles in US over faulty touchscreen displays

3 years ago

Apple Issues Recall On UK Plugs

Shock recall for plugs shipped in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore between 2003 and 2010

5 years ago

HP Issues Recall For Laptop Batteries Amid Fire Risk

A number of laptop models from HP pose a fire or burn hazard, prompting the firm to issue an recall

6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest: Software Update Will Kill Unreturned Handsets

UPDATED: Samsung is releasing a software update that will essentially brick Galaxy Note 7 handsets that have not been returned…

7 years ago

Intel Recalls Basis Fitness Smartwatch Over Burn Fears

Its getting hot in here...Intel issues recall for Peak fitness watches after fears it could cause burns and blisters

8 years ago

Fiat Chrysler Recalls Hacked Cars Amid Response Criticism

Car firm posts USB stick with patch for wireless hack flaw and recalls another 8,000 cars

9 years ago

Apple Offers Free Hard Drive Replacements For Faulty iMac

Owners of 27-inch iMac with 3TB hard drive sold between December 2012 and September 2013 are being contacted by Apple

9 years ago

Panasonic Issues Toughbook Battery Recall Over Fire Risk

Panasonic is to recall over 43,000 Toughbook batteries because they pose a potential fire risk

10 years ago

HP Recalls Defective Chromebook 11 Chargers

HP issues a recall for overheating chargers of the Chromebook 11, after it 'paused sales' of the machine

10 years ago

British Man Impaled By Laptop

A Briton living in New Zealand has suffered a bizarre injury after he was impaled by his laptop computer

13 years ago

HP Starts Massive Battery Recall Following Injuries

HP has been spurred to recall 162,000 lithium-ion batteries following reports of fires and injuries

13 years ago

PC Makers To Bear Brunt Of Intel Chipset Recall

Some analysts argue that the financial troubles caused by Intel's recall of a flawed chipset will be borne by OEMs

13 years ago