Google Pay To Close In US, To ‘Simplify’ Payment Apps

Mobile payments service from Google to be changed again, with shuttering of standalone Google Pay app in the US

4 months ago

Meta, Microsoft Own Trademarks For New Twitter Name

Potential trouble for Elon Musk as it emerged that Meta Platforms, Microsoft, and hundreds of others, own X trademarks

11 months ago

Twitter Scraps Iconic Blue Bird, Officially Rebrands As ‘X’

Twitter officially rebrands as 'X' as Elon Musk revamps site to turn it into 'everything app' based on communications and…

11 months ago

Future Of Plusnet Under Review, Says BT Boss – Report

Future of BT's low cost Internet Service Provider Plusnet, is 'under review', amid move to rebrand EE as flagship consumers…

2 years ago

BT Signals Intent To Adopt EE Brand For UK Consumers

Rebranding exercise will see telecoms giant BT utilise its EE name as its primary consumer brand for the British market…

2 years ago

Breaking News: Facebook Changes Name To Meta

Facebook does a Google. Amid scandals, social networking giant Facebook confirms it is changing its corporate holding name to 'Meta'

3 years ago

Facebook Considers Name Change In Major Rebrand – Report

What's in a name? Facebook is reportedly planning to rebrand itself with a new name, similar to the Alphabet/Google setup

3 years ago

Intel Unveils 11th Gen Core CPU, And Redesigns Logo

Chip giant conducts only its third brand refresh in the past 51 years, as it unveils its 11th generation Core…

4 years ago

Civil Rights Activists Meet Zuckerberg, As Facebook Rebrands

Meeting with Facebook boss over political adverts, as social network rebrands itself as FACEBOOK

5 years ago

Top 10 Tech Brand Redesigns

After Google switches up its logo, here's our list of global companies that have bravely undergone brand redesigns in recent…

9 years ago