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NHS Needs Urgent Investment In Cybersecurity

Outdated computers, lack of investment, and sparsity of skills means the NHS remains vulnerable to hackers

5 years ago

The NHS Could Have Avoided WannaCry Attack, Says NAO Report

WannaCry ransomware attack made worse as NHS did not follow basic security recommendations

7 years ago

Taunton And Somerset NHS Trust Turns To Google DeepMind For Mobile App

Google-owned DeepMind signs up yet another NHS Trust as a partner

7 years ago

Google’s Deepmind NHS Data Deal Lambasted By Paper

NHS patient data sharing with Google Deepmind slated in paper, but Google and Royal Free Trust fire back at 'significant…

7 years ago

A Third Of NHS Trusts Targeted By Ransomware Attacks

FOI report further highlights the prevalence of ransomware targeting the healthcare sector

7 years ago

Nearly One Third Of NHS Trusts Hit By Ransomware Attacks

Of the 94 NHS Trusts that responded, none admitted to paying a ransom

7 years ago

DeepMind Strengthens NHS Ties With Imperial College Partnership

The organisations plan to launch a range of clinical mobile apps to improve patient care

7 years ago