US Commerce Department ‘Has Received 130 Huawei Exemption Requests’

Applications pile up, but department has yet to issue a single licence allowing US firms to get around Huawei blacklist,…

2 weeks ago

Google Shuts Down Android Data Programme ‘Over Regulatory Fears’

Mobile Network Insights service provided aggregated, anonymised user data to mobile operators to help them spot network weaknesses

1 month ago

US Grants 90-Day Extension To Huawei Blacklist Reprieve

Administration says US firms are to be given more time to find other telecoms equipment suppliers before ban comes into…

1 month ago

Huawei’s Delayed 5G Handset Arrives In UK

Huawei's Mate 20 X (5G) now selling in the UK, set to be joined by the Honor 20 Pro photography-oriented…

2 months ago

Huawei Sees ‘Difficulties’ Ahead As Revenues Surge

Revenues jumped by 23 percent and smartphone sales by 24 percent in the first half, ahead of US blacklist move…

2 months ago

US Signals Huawei Sales Could Recommence ‘In Two Weeks’

But Chinese firm is already planning massive layoffs at its US research and development subsidiary as trade restrictions bite

2 months ago

MPs: No Technical Grounds For Huawei Ban

Committee finds Chinese gear could be safely allowed in some areas of 5G networks, but says there may be 'geopolitical…

2 months ago

Huawei’s First 5G Handset Set To Arrive In UK This Month

Launch of the Mate 20 X (5G) in Europe had been in doubt after Huawei was placed on a US…

2 months ago

All Four UK Telecoms Operators ‘Working With Huawei’ On 5G

The collaboration could prove risky if government decides to ban Huawei on national security grounds, as requested by the US

2 months ago

BT To Launch 5G Services This Autumn

BT broadband users are to get first access to 5G services running on EE's mobile network, which launched in parts…

3 months ago