Net Neutrality

FCC Votes To Start Reinstating Net Neutrality Rules

US communications regulator votes to begin process to reinstate landmark net neutrality rules struck down under Trump

9 months ago

FCC Proposes To Restore Net Neutrality Laws In US

Back from the dead? Democrat controlled FCC proposes new net neutrality laws after Republican roll back in 2017

10 months ago

US Appeals Court Will Not Overturn California Net Neutrality Ruling

US Court of Appeals will not reconsider its decision to uphold California's net neutrality law, but telecom groups may appeal…

2 years ago

Mozilla Pressures FCC To Restore Net Neutrality Rules

Tech firms led by Mozilla publish open letter to the FCC, urging US regulator to urgently reinstate net neutrality rules…

3 years ago

Outgoing FCC Boss Ajit Pai Warns Of China Threat

China continues to pose espionage and cyber threat to US telecommunications networks, says FCC chairman as he steps down after…

3 years ago

UK Operators Will Not Reinstate European Data Roaming Charges

The four main mobile operators in the UK confirm despite leaving the EU, they will not reinstate European data roaming…

4 years ago

Internet Day: Are the Days of Internet Freedom Numbered?

Today is Internet Day. Silicon UK asked Julius Cerniauskas, CEO at Oxylabs to give his exclusive insights into whether the…

4 years ago

European Court Backs EU Net Neutrality Rules

The top court in Europe, the CJEU, has officially backed the European Union's net neutrality laws that were enacted back…

4 years ago

US Appeals Court Refuses To Overturn Net Neutrality Ruling

American court refuses to rehear an appeal against controversial FTC decision to reserve net neutrality rules in the United States

4 years ago

FCC Blow As Court Rules US States Allowed Own Net Neutrality Laws

Mixed result for FCC sees Court of Appeal uphold its repeal of Obama's Net Neutrality Laws, but US states are…

5 years ago

Privacy Groups Warn On ISPs’ ‘Widespread’ Use Of Deep Packet Inspection

The practice undermines the EU's existing net neutrality rules and also has worrying privacy implications, campaigners say

5 years ago

US Appeals Court Hears Net Neutrality Challenge

Legal challenge to overturning of net neutrality laws continues, with decision due in the summer

5 years ago

Supreme Court Cuts Short Battle Over Net Neutrality Regulation

The US Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal that could have gutted regulators' authority to impose net neutrality…

6 years ago

California To Suspend State Net Neutrality Law Until Court Ruling

Showdown between US states and federal government averted until court rules on Trump's net neutrality “roll-back”

6 years ago

US Government Sues California After Net Neutrality Adoption

Collision course set for most populous US state and FCC, after governor officially adopts 'net neutrality' laws

6 years ago

Verizon Admits Throttling Firefighter Internet Access During California Blaze

The company said that effectively cutting off firefighters' internet access was a customer support mistake, as US states demand the…

6 years ago

Twenty Two US States Demand Return Of Net Neutrality

Group of attorney generals ask court to halt FCC's efforts to stop US states imposing their own open Internet rules

6 years ago

US State Passes Law To Block FCC Net Neutrality Vote

More headaches for Aji Pai as Washington State passes law to stop ISPs offering two speed Internet access

6 years ago

Senate Democrats Seek One More For Net Neutrality Vote

Democrats in Senate one vote away from overturning FCC's decision to reserve Net Neutrality rules

6 years ago

FCC To Publish Net Neutrality Rule Reversal

Ahead of legal challenges, FCC expected to publish its December order overturning Net Neutrality rules

6 years ago

U.S. Lawmakers, State Attorneys Move To Overturn FCC Neutrality Vote

ANALYSIS: Call for review of FCC reversal of the 2015 reclassification of internet services to Title II has support of…

6 years ago

US Overturns Net Neutrality Rules

Long-anticipated reversal of Net Neutrality legislation will be hugely unpopular

7 years ago

Pending FCC Action On Net Neutrality Raises Unfounded Fears, Warnings

ANALYSIS: Depending on who you listen to, an FCC decision to end the reclassification of the internet might or might…

7 years ago

Online Giants, Small Businesses Criticise US Net Neutrality Repeal

The planned removal of a 2015 US law could mean more charges for large businesses and start-ups, not to mention…

7 years ago

Tech Websites Band Together For Net Neutrality

Big names in the tech industry unite to halt Trump's reversal of Obama's net neutrality rules

7 years ago

Three ‘Go Binge’ Eliminates Data Charges For Video & Audio Streaming

Netflix, Deezer, TVPlayer and SoundCloud won't cost you a thing and Three says other services can sign up too

7 years ago

FCC Chairman Sets Public Course for Making New Internet Regulations

ANALYSIS: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says starting a fully public rule-making process to reverse last year's decision to regulate ISPs

7 years ago

Tech Firms Urge FCC Not To Repeal Obama’s Net Neutrality Rules

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter etc warn FCC chairman over his intentions to repeal net neutrality rules

7 years ago

FCC Chair To ‘Quickly Replace’ Obama Net Neutrality Rules

Two speed Internet? Head honcho of US comms watchdog wants to reserve net neutrality rules

7 years ago

MWC 2017: New FCC Chair Says Net Neutrality ‘A Mistake’ And Won’t Bow To Trump Pressure

Ajit Pai promises to restore light touch regulation to aid the telecoms industry and will reverse net neutrality intervention

7 years ago